Well, it looks like in a region of South America, Argentina to be more specific is the most current country to start walking the path of medical marijuana legalization. Southern Argentina’s Chubut Province has approved a bill into provincial law that permits physicians to prescribe cannabis oil with low levels of THC to patients with epilepsy and any other medical issues that have yet to be defined by the local health minister. Currently, the government has only allowed one strain of oil into the country — the very popular Charlotte’s Web made by the Stanley Brothers. The brothers named it Charlotte’s Web after meeting 5-year-old Charlotte Figi back in 2012 and seeing her have serious improvement after using the oil to reduce her epileptic seizures.

The famous strains breathtaking story was a central focus of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN documentary “WEED” which aired back in 2013. The documentary illuminated the national spotlight on medical marijuana and gave a better illustration to the concerns still facing millions of Americans today.

While all of this takes place in Chubut, Congresswoman Ana Carolina Gaillard, President of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, is putting forth max effort to get medicinal marijuana adopted on a national platform. She has stated in congress that Argentina should improve their Narcotics Act to permit medical cannabis nationwide.

Gaillard is also not by himself on this as she has bipartisan support from connections deep within the Argentinian government including Front For Victory, the Socialist Party, the Justicialist Party. Bipartisan support means various parties working together for the same mutual goal, for us North Americans who may have forgotten.

Gaillard as well traveled to their neighboring country of Chile just this past week, to learn more about how the Chileans developed more relaxed marijuana laws back in 2015 when they signed a bill that legalized self-cultivation and trade for medicinal purposes.

Small victories in the midst fighting against the War on Drugs which are happening all over the world. Every day, powerful cannabis supporters in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Italy, the UK, Israel, Antigua and Guyana, Jamaica and many more nations are making it challenging for their governments to turn a blind eye to what millions of people know to be true — cannabis is medicine.

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