During this year’s Golden State Marijuana Conference which was held on the Queen Mary, was certainly a time to remember when US Rep. Dana Rohrabacher stole the spotlight with his “Make Cannabis Great Again” hat.

“We are evolving out of the most stupid law in the history of our country.”

Proselytization to the pro-pot choir, Rep. Rohrabacher was in attendance during the State of Marijuana Conference just this past week over in Long Beach, California.  Cultivating the attendance of many notable industry powerhouses, marijuana advocates, financiers and political figures kept their attention on a common goal – this year’s event centered on several key points: County bans on growing marijuana, cannabis startups, state law vs. federal law, marijuana research and rescheduling, the evolution of marijuana, the future of cannabis cultivation, on top of the major issue and concern when dealing with the – California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Giving you a more in-depth look Steve DeAngelo from the LA Times, located out of Harborside collective noted, “We are seeing the first signs of what is going to be a monumental collision.” Breaking down that legalization, while has proven to be valuable resource it will be a rough road to becoming the new norm.

“It’s going to be wrenching, it’s going to be jarring, it’s going to be shocking.”

After that encouraging caveat, DeAngelo cheered on those within the 420-world to embrace the inevitable, albeit painful, changes.

“Their presence is powerfully dampening the stigma associated with cannabis and the financial success of the industry is encouraging and motivating ever-increasing numbers of businesses, individuals, and organizations who were opposed to us a few years ago, or at their best, neutral. And now they are turning into our best friends. Why? Because America loves a winner, and we are winning now.”

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