Even though medical marijuana is still not kosher with the federal government, that hasn’t stopped one drug (pharmaceutical) company from creating their own medical marijuana gum. They hope the chewing gum will have the approval of the FDA within a couple of years.

The company behind the ganja gum, is Axim Biotechnologies. They have offices in New York and the Netherlands. They have already produced a high-CBD gum, CanChew. The new THC gum they are now working on is called MedChew. It would be marketed to patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowel Disease and Crohn’s Disease.

Cannabis gum isn’t a new idea, but Axim is adamant that their product will stand out because of the time-released nature of their product. Their product has been developed so that the distribution of cannabinoids into the gastrointestinal tract takes place over a period of thirty minutes or so, which is a similar process to that of nicotine gum.

Axim also has their own team of growers who are in charge of growing all marijuana used in the making of their cannabis gum. The company has over an acre of land in the Netherlands which will be the new site of a grow setup in the near future.

“We get the raw materials from Bedrocan (a marijuana grow facility overseen by the Dutch Ministry of Health) as they have a GMP agricultural facility so the quality is highly qualified to make pharma products,” said Axim CEO, Lekhram Changoer.

MedChew is hoped to be launched in 2017, which would be just after the top medical marijuana pharma company GW Pharmaceuticals is expected to debut their cannabis products in the US.

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