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As we enter into the second half of the month, it seems as though a few marijuana stocks are attempting to make their mark. This is characterized by shifts in business models as well as the trading patterns from pot stock investors. For anyone who has been trading marijuana stocks know that last year was not kind to the bulls. But, since the beginning of January, we have seen quite the uptick in bullish sentiment in the industry. This is a solid sign for future growth and something that has gotten many investors excited recently.

Additionally, we are seeing some level of stability begin to enter into the industry. This stability is seen in the price action that we have been watching as well as the lowered level of high volatility throughout the market. This is not to say that we are out of the water by any means as fluctuations in pricing are still quite high. But it does look like we are well on the way to seeing an industry that can function without the issues of instability in pricing.

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For now, there are a few key pot stocks to watch that have been working tirelessly to show their commitment to the future of the industry. These companies span different sectors of the market which offers investors a diverse look at the businesses that are out there.

This Marijuana Stock Focuses on Vertical Integration

1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF Stock Report) (TGIF ) is one of the leading vertically integrated marijuana stocks currently in the market. The company has stated that it has a heavy focus on both the cultivation and manufacturing of various branded products for sale in the market. The company operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries which allow it to operate in many different areas of the cannabis market.

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This includes everything from extraction to the processing of the raw product itself. As a key player in the cannabis and hemp market, the company has been working to capitalize on the new state of the CBD industry. By working vehemently to get its production up, 1933 Industries has secured a spot at the top of the market. With its new labs in place, the company should be able to continue producing its large range of CBD based products.

A Pot Stock to Watch This Year

HEXO Corp. (HEXO Stock Report) is a complicated pot stock to watch for some key reasons. Although the company looked like it would become one of the largest players in the industry, those expectations quickly dwindled down. The company had been on track to produce a solid amount of cannabis totaling around 150,000 kilograms, but this number looks like it is not possible at the current point in time.

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Additionally, HEXO recently stated that it is in the process of laying off as many as 200 employees from its business. This restructuring shows that the company may be in pretty bad shape. But, it does look like it could remain as one of the notable pot stocks to watch only due to its large size. For this reason, investors should keep an eye on HEXO to see what moves it makes into the near future.

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