Canada will press the United States to change an outskirt approach that has banished Canadians who confess to having utilized weed from making a trip to the United States, given that Canada arrangements to authorize pot, an administration representative told Reuters on Friday. The instance of a Canadian man banned from U.S. traveling on the grounds that he confessed to having smoked pot recreationally has blended open deliberation over United States fringe specialists invoking a government law against weed use, despite the fact that pot use is legitimate in a few states and forthcoming lawful in Canada.

English Columbia inhabitant Matthew Harvey was halted at a United States fringe crossing in Washington state in 2014 and got some information about recreational pot use. Whenever Harvey, 37 at the time and who had a license to utilize medicinal weed, said he had smoked pot recreationally, he was confined and addressed for six hours before being denied section and banished from future passage.

“They said that I was inadmissible because I admitted to smoking marijuana after the age of 18 and before I’d received my medical marijuana license,” said Harvey.

In a meeting with the CBC, Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said that the circumstance should have been tended to, especially in light of uneven weed confinements in the United States.

“We obviously need to intensify our discussions with our border authorities in the United States, including the Department of Homeland Security,” Goodale stated. “This does seem to be a ludicrous situation. Three or four other jurisdictions in the United States. [T]here’s certain ironies about the current American position that we will certainly be very vociferous in putting before them.”

Four U.S. states — Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon — have sanctioned recreational cannabis use, as has the District of Colombia. Additionally, 25 states have authorized medicinal pot, no less than five of which will settle on recreational pot legalization in November decisions.

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