Justin Trudeau surprised many when he announced that he had used marijuana when he was a member of parliament, but those people were still supportive of his decision to legalize marijuana. On Friday, Trudeau announced in a policy speech that his Liberal government would bring the legislation up as soon as 2016 to legalize cannabis, which would make Canada “the G7 bloc of industrialized nations to do so,” although not all of the details have been worked out yet.

Two-thirds of Canadians support Trudeau’s decision to decriminalize the possession and use of recreational marijuana, according to a new Ipsos poll. This is the highest level of support that Canada has seen in the last thirty years even though the use of marijuana has declined. How they are going to do this, though, has not been released. It is going much further than just legalizing the plant, though; the country is planning on creating a market for the crop similar to Uruguay and some areas of the United States.

Approximately one million out of Canada’s population of 35 million smoke marijuana recreationally, according to a survey from 2014. Trudeau said in 2013 that he had smoked marijuana about five or six times in his life, including one time at a dinner party after being elected to parliament. In addition, he said that his brother Michael was facing charges for possessing a very small amount of marijuana before his dead in 1998, which influenced his choice to legalize marijuana.

“I’m not someone who is particularly interested in altered states, but I certainly won’t judge someone else for it,” Trudeau stated. “I think that the prohibition that is currently on marijuana is unjustified.”

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