Why These Pot Stocks to Watch Are All The Rage Right Now

Marijuana stocks have remained quite popular over the past few years. Since mid-March, investors have witnessed a lot of solid gains in the cannabis industry. While these gains range across the board, there is without a doubt, a lot of positive sentiment for marijuana stocks. This positive sentiment is marked by large numbers of days with gains for leading pot stocks. And although not every day is a win, we are seeing that there are a lot of investors willing to bet on the future of the cannabis industry. Often times when looking for a company to invest in, investors will go in and out of a position quite quickly.

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While this can be a valuable strategy, with pot stocks, it may be beneficial to hold. In the cannabis industry, projections seem to be quite large in the long term. Studies continue to show that in the next five years, there will be a lot of big changes in the industry. Because of this, investors should always be looking for solid pot stocks to watch, that have a bright long term future. With that in mind, here are two marijuana stocks that could just present some interesting opportunities.

A Marijuana Retailer With a Solid Business Model

Harvest Health and Recreation Inc. (HRVSF Stock Report) is quite a popular retailer of marijuana in the cannabis industry. HRVSF stock has made the majority of its gains off of being a retailer that is committed to giving high-quality products to its consumers. The company has stated that it sells extremely high-quality marijuana, with a knowledgeable staff to match. In the past, HRVSF stock has been quite volatile. But, during the pandemic, the company has reported seeing demand for its products shoot up.

Harvest Pot stock

This demand increase has hit across the board and seems to be another symptom of the global pandemic. Since its March lows, HRVSF stock has shot up by as much as 80%. This is a more than substantial gain and should not be passed up. In July alone, HRVSF stock has shot up by around 15%. All in all, Harvest Health looks like it has a solid future in the cannabis retail industry. For this reason, investors continue to believe in it as a pot stock to watch.

A Top American Pot Stock to Watch

Cresco Labs Inc. (CRLBF Stock Report) is a definite leading pot stock in the industry. For those who don’t know, CRLBF stock has shown gains for its business model. As a leading MSO in the U.S., Cresco has continued to grow amidst the pandemic in the past few months. Many believe that CRLBF stock could be the first to hit as much as $1 billion in yearly sales. And as it stands now, that continues to look more and more likely. As a major cannabis stock-based in California, the company is always waiting on new legislation to help it grow.

Although California is one of the most progressive cannabis industries in the country, it does need to change in order to benefit CRLBF stock in a greater way. With time, investors believe that this will without a doubt happen. For now, however, it continues to look like Cresco Labs has a highly advantageous position in the U.S. cannabis industry. For this reason, investors continue to believe that it is a definite pot stock to watch.

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