A recent study has displayed much more proof that marijuana can treat severe motor and vocal tics in people who suffer from Tourette syndrome. The most current research out of the Department of Psychiatry at Tauranga Hospital in New Zealand used Sativex, which is plant extract of marijuana developed by GW Pharmaceuticals, to see how well cannabis worked to control motor and vocal tics in one patient with Tourette syndrome. Doctors gave the patient two regulated doses a day of Sativex for one month.

Both the patient and the objective observers noted a “Marked improvement in the frequency and severity of motor and vocal tics post-treatment.” This investigative research depicts one of the first clinical test, albeit very small, that has analyzed the effects of cannabis on those who deal with Tourette syndrome.

Researchers have not yet discovered a cure for Tourette syndrome. Smoking and drug consumption during pregnancy have been known to cause even worse effects of Tourette syndrome. The condition normally gets better over time, and children with Tourette syndrome are known to be much more affected. Investigative researchers do not have a lead on the cause for Touretter syndrome either.

The fact some patients experience an improvement with their issues after using marijuana could represent an important lead for scientists to investigate a cause. Studies conducted with marijuana on the brains of those with the illness may one day lead to an outright cure for Tourette syndrome, not just a form of medicine that improves its symptoms.

While Sativex is a pricey medication that consists of a controlled extract of marijuana from specially designed strains of cannabis, the active ingredients are very simple: approximately equal amounts of THC and CBD. Those suffering from this condition may see this new research as hope that a cure, or at least an alternative treatment, exists even before clinical evidence gives patients the green light they may seek to treat themselves with cannabis, just as in the case with parents of children with Dravet syndrome who have sought out CBD as a treatment.

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