The U.S. cannabis market has remained incredibly positive for some time now, with this new year showing even more signs of growth than ever before. With so many new laws going into place around the world, it seems as though the U.S. is becoming one of the major hearths for marijuana reform across North America and internationally. Several stocks, of course, have become highlighted due to their potential in the coming year, with some of them being ancillary marijuana associates.

American Premium Water Corporation (HIPH) is a company that few have heard of at this point, especially in the cannabis space. As a producer of luxury consumer products across the beverage space, HIPH has become one of the main interests for producing CBD related products.

After the announcement of the Farm Bill, which effectively legalized the production and sale of CBD in the U.S., many companies looking to enter this side of the market have been able to benefit greatly. As HIPH continues to work on producing CBD related products, the hopes are that the market can continue to respond with positivity.

Additionally, HIPH recently announced that they would be entering into a finance agreement at a $0.40 valuation. This means that a large portion of the company’s convertible debt will be retired in the coming weeks. The Chairman of American Premium Water, Ryan Fishoff stated that “I am thrilled to announce that the Company has entered into this agreement at a 10x valuation! This is an affirmation of the Company’s business plan and the initiatives it has implemented over the past year. It’s a vote of confidence to the direction of the Company and we will continue to work hard to execute on the business plan to achieve the goals and benchmarks that I laid out for 2019.” All of this continues to make HIPH an exciting company to watch as we enter the near future.

Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) is a household name at this point for anyone who knows about the marijuana stock market. The company made headlines a while back after becoming the first company to list on a major U.S. exchange that deals with marijuana. More recently, they announced a partnership with Altria (NYSE:MO), the producer of many different tobacco products around the world.

The deal valued around $1.8 billion accounts for a 45% stake in the company and should help to produce more goods in the future. The issue with this deal is that many have stated the entrance of big tobacco into the marijuana market might be a bad image for the latter. On the other hand, however, the influx of massive amounts of capital should help to bring the marijuana industry to where many would like it to be, and where it has the potential to go as we move throughout the coming years. As this deal continues to pan out, it should remain interesting to watch the Cronos Group as a leader in the marijuana industry and its movement forward.

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