Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. And Syqe Medical, both Israeli firms, have teamed up to create the world’s first medical cannabis inhaler. The product is aimed at giving patients medical relief without the effects of THC getting them high. The inhaler works as a metered-dose inhaler, which gives very precise doses. This solves the issue of not knowing how much cannabis a patient is really consuming when they use traditional marijuana products that are smoked.

As marijuana has become more popular as of late as a medicine to treat pain and other symptoms, a product like this is a valuable solution which allows doctors to more effectively track and monitor patient’s usage. The Syqe inhaler is currently being used at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital, where it has been in use for over a year.

Cannabis differs from other drugs in that it is practically impossible to overdose on marijuana. However, doctors still shy away from prescribing a medicine that is slightly unconventional in the way it is dosed. The marijuana inhaler would solve a lot of the concerns about not being able to prescribe a controlled dosage of marijuana to patients.

Teva is currently the world’s largest generic drug maker, and will be the company responsible for marketing and distributing the inhaler. What separates Syqe inhaler from any other marijuana delivery product is that previously with medicinal marijuana, patients had no clear idea for how much marijuana they have smoked, whereas with the Syqe inhaler patients and doctors can see exactly how much marijuana has been consumed.

Syqe’s product is waiting for approval from Israel’s health ministry before they can start distributing it for usage at home. According to figures, around 26,000 patients are legal to use medicinal marijuana products in Israel. The inhaler also aids people who are embarrassed to smoke marijuana in public, by disguising the smoking process as using an inhaler.

Syqe also has intentions of using their technology to expand into different medicinally useful plants, such as opium poppy. With the increased legalization in America, this product, if legalized in Israel, could have immense potential to enter the U.S. markets as their first medicinal marijuana inhaler.

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