You’ve probably heard about Black Friday since the end of summer.  It’s one of the biggest “shopping holidays” of the year but there’s something way different this year than any year in the history of Black Friday…MARIJUANA IS LEGAL! (well, in some states).  In a recent post in the Denver Gazette, marijuana retailers in Colorado are going after holiday shoppers using traditional Black Friday campaigns.

A Denver based weed shop, The Grass Station, told The Gazette that they will be selling an ounce of marijuana for $50 (about a fifth of the cost of the next-cheapest strain at the Colorado dispensary) to the first 16 customers in line Friday, Saturday and Sunday; the quintessential “Doorbuster Deal”.

But don’t look for pot shops to open at 10PM on Thursday and stay open until Friday night.  The Grass Station expects to open its doors at 8AM on Friday…this is weed after all and since you can’t technically give it away as a gift, most people won’t be fighting tooth and nail to get their own ounce of snow white and most Black Friday “action” is based on shopping for gifts.

The downside to this is that these dispensaries can’t really do traditional “media blitz” style campaigns.  In a Bloomberg article, Mike Elliot, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, said that outdoor advertising, billboards and most mass marketing for weed are prohibited.  The Marijuana Industry Group is a trade association representing 30 owners with 200 store licenses.

In any case, dispensaries will be looking to take full advantage of the Black Friday.  Aside from the steals and deals, some shops are taking a more “exclusive” angle to the holiday shopping season.  Certain businesses like Colorado Harvest and Evergreen Apothecary have a special strain release timed just for the season.  In an article from the Associated Press, spokeswoman Ann Dickerson says they’re “sort of like the best bourbon or Scotch that will be competing on quality, rather than price.”

So whatever your taste and preference, the newest “Green Friday” trend could be just the right way to kick off your Holiday Shopping season…just do it in a state where it’s legal 🙂

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