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When looking for marijuana stocks to buy, there are quite a few options to choose from. These options present themselves in various areas of the industry that all offer alternative pros and cons. A key aspect of pot stocks is the pure-play growers. These companies often have the largest market caps and are considered to be the top marijuana stocks to watch. But, in the past year or so we have seen a massive influx of capital into the industry.

This means that there are several alternative markets that have grown in the presence of money. There are two main areas that we are witnessing a massive amount of growth occurring right now. The first of those is the extraction based pot stocks. These companies offer extraction services. With sizable contracts and quite a large amount of prospects for the future, this area of the industry is a great place to begin one’s search for a pot stock to watch.

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The other area of the market that we have witnessed growth happens to be in the ancillary market. This is a no brainer considering the size of the cannabis industry as a whole. But, many investors forgo these mid and small-cap pot stocks as they are often deemed too risky to watch. This does deny the potential with these companies as they often have quite a lot to offer. But, with so many pot stocks to choose, these are just a few worth keeping an eye on.

A Marijuana Stock To Watch Heading Into Next Month

4Front Ventures (FFNTF Stock Report) (FFNT) is at this point not nearly as well known as it should be. The company has continuously worked to build out its team to ensure that it can handle all fo the challenges and opportunities that it is given. With this, the company is able to participate in many different areas of the cannabis industry. This includes everything from plant genetics all the way to the retail side of the industry.

4FRONT stock

The company recently announced some very exciting news regarding its Chicago Mission dispensary. The report states that the dispensary was able to pull in north of $250,000 during the first five days that it was open. In addition to this, the company reported as many as 2,300 customers coming in during that time period. With such an exciting start to the year, the company remains an extremely prominent pot stock to watch.

Marijuana Stock To Watch: Another Key MSO

Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF Stock Report) (CURA) is a leading MSO or multi-state operator, currently working out of the U.S. The company reported as much as $60 million in revenue during its last quarter which is quite substantial considering the growth that could come in the future. The company states that it will bee licensed to open as many as 131 stores by the time it is done finalizing its agreement with the cannabis company, Grassroots.

With this, the company states that it should be able to push out as much as $1 billion in sales during the 2020 year. This estimate may seem quite high but it is not out of the question considering the area of the market that it works in. For this reason, the company continues to be an intriguing marijuana stock to watch moving forward.

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