April 2024's Hot Picks: Top Canadian Cannabis Stocks To Watch Now

Leading Canadian Cannabis Companies to Consider

As we move into mid-April 2024, Canadian marijuana stocks are capturing the attention of investors, given the ongoing developments and shifts in the global cannabis market. Stocks like Tilray, Canopy Growth, and Aurora Cannabis are notable for their robust international operations and diverse product lines. Tilray, for example, has expanded its presence in the U.S. through acquisitions like MedMan, positioning it well to capitalize on potential market expansions. Canopy Growth has made significant strides in operational efficiency, achieving considerable cost savings and enhancing its financial health, which speaks to its ability to navigate a complex market landscape.

In addition to individual stock performances, the global cannabis industry is on a growth trajectory. Analysts predict significant growth in the U.S. cannabis sector due to ongoing legal reforms and increasing social acceptance. This promising future requires investors to watch these trends. They should use technical analysis and proper risk management. These strategies support informed decisions. With the cannabis industry’s dynamic nature and U.S. federal legalization possible, understanding market trends is crucial. Maintaining a diversified portfolio is also vital. This approach will help investors capitalize on growth opportunities. Additionally, it will mitigate risks tied to market volatility.

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks for April 2024

  1. Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC)
  2. Tilray Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY)
  3. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NASDAQ: ACB)

Canopy Growth Corporation

At the vanguard of the international cannabis scene, Canopy Growth Corporation is well-known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and all-encompassing customer experiences. Canopy Growth is a forward-thinking company based in Smiths Falls, Canada. Its commitment to creating premium cannabis products for both medical and recreational use has allowed it to grow quickly. To meet the demands and interests of a wide range of customers, their business model offers a wide range of products, from dried cannabis flowers to cannabis oils, concentrates, and edibles.

CGC marijuana stocks
From a strategic standpoint, CGC has rapidly increased the number of retail locations and production facilities across its local Canadian market and abroad. Canopy Growth is well-established in retail in Canada, where federal legalization has created a favorable atmosphere for the cannabis industry to thrive. Two of the company’s most well-known retail brands, Tokyo Smoke and Tweed, are among its many retail sites under different names. CGC has deliberately negotiated the intricate regulatory environment in the US to build a foothold in important states like Colorado and California with friendly cannabis legislation. These states are not just significant markets but also prominent in terms of cannabis culture and trends, providing Canopy Growth with valuable footholds in the booming U.S. cannabis market.

The company’s expansion efforts have been complemented by strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and research and development initiatives to broaden its product portfolio and enhance its supply chain capabilities. By focusing on product innovation and consumer safety, Canopy Growth aims to elevate the cannabis consumer experience and drive industry standards forward. As the global cannabis market continues to evolve, Canopy Growth Corporation is well-positioned to leverage its expansive network, brand portfolio, and innovation pipeline to capture growth opportunities and reinforce its status as a leader in the cannabis industry.

Financial Highlights

In Q3 FY2024, Canopy Growth Corporation achieved noteworthy operational and financial accomplishments, reflected in a remarkable improvement in its performance measures. With Canada’s cannabis gross margins climbing to 28% from -11% in Q3 FY2023, the company’s consolidated gross margin was 36%. A 6% increase in consolidated net revenue year over year, adjusted for the sale of the Canada national retail division, is partially responsible for this growth. The total net revenue was $79 million, 7% less than the previous year. Nonetheless, the company’s revenue from cannabis in the rest of the world increased by 81% thanks to robust development in Australia, Europe’s return to growth through new product introductions, and better sales execution.

The brand’s best-ever Black Friday sales event in its 20-year history and strong sales of the new VENTY portable vaporizer drove a 54% sequential rise in Storz & Bickel® net revenue, underscoring the quarter’s success. Additionally, CGC increased its free cash flow from ongoing operations, achieving a $(34)MM increase in the previous year of 57%. Achieving positive Adjusted EBITDA in each business unit after the fiscal year, the management reiterated its expectation during Q3 FY2024, with a balance of $186MM in cash and short-term investments and a $69MM reduction in overall debt. CEO David Klein was upbeat about CGC’s expansion and cannabis-focused approach across all business segments, emphasizing how the Canopy USA plan would provide exclusive access to the American cannabis market.

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Tilray, Inc.

Tilray, Inc., is a pioneering force in the global cannabis industry. Established with a vision to lead, innovate, and inspire, it has grown into a prominent name. The company focuses on cannabis research, cultivation, production, and distribution. Its efforts span medical and adult-use markets, making it a versatile player.

With operations across several countries, Tilray has expanded its reach significantly. In the U.S., they boast a robust presence, with retail stores in key states. California, Colorado, and Florida feature prominently in their portfolio. These states are strategic due to their large markets and progressive cannabis laws. Globally, Tilray’s influence is undeniable. They have established partnerships and supply agreements in over a dozen countries. This global footprint positions Tilray as a leader in the cannabis space.

Financial Highlights – Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2024

Tilray Brands in the fiscal third quarter of 2024. Net revenue notably increased by approximately 30% to $188.3 million from the previous year’s $145.6 million. This growth was solid in the beverage-alcohol sector, which jumped 165% to $54.7 million, mainly due to new acquisitions. Conversely, cannabis net revenue also rose by 33% to $63.4 million, boosted by strategic acquisitions and market expansion. The wellness segment reported a 12% increase in net income, reaching $13.4 million. Despite these gains, the company recorded a net loss of $105 million, which, while still significant, marked a reduction from the previous year’s loss of $1.2 billion.

Moreover, the company has made substantial strides in reducing its debt and improving liquidity. Adjusted EBITDA was reported at $10.2 million, down from $13.3 million the previous year. Management emphasized their effective strategy of diversifying and strengthening the company’s portfolio, particularly through acquisitions that enhance their beverage and cannabis segments. The CEO highlighted Tilray’s robust position in various markets, pointing to future growth opportunities. The press release also noted several operational highlights, including reducing convertible debt and achieving cost savings from synergies, particularly with recent acquisitions. These efforts underscore Tilray’s focus on strengthening financial stability and expanding its market presence across multiple sectors.

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Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Based in Canada, Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a significant player in the cannabis industry. Since its establishment in 2013, it has established a reputation for providing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Despite having its headquarters in Canada, Aurora has established offices throughout a number of nations. It has a large network of stores spread out over Canada, which is what makes it especially well-known.


Aurora makes a significant impression on the Canadian market. They have a talent for designing shops that offer more than simply a place to shop—they also encourage exploration and education. Customers have responded quite favorably to this strategy, which has helped Aurora solidify its position in strategic Canadian areas. They don’t, however, want to remain at home. With a primary focus on medical cannabis, Aurora has been making waves on the global scene. They’re expanding into new markets by leveraging their Canadian expertise. It is evident from their approach of striking a balance between their aspirations to become a household name in the cannabis industry and their Canadian heritage.

Financial Highlights Fiscal 2024 Third Quarter

Aurora’s Q3 fiscal 2024 press release highlights strong performance across sectors. Consolidated revenue rose to $64.4 million, up from $61.1 million. This increase was driven by global medical cannabis growth and a slight rise in plant propagation. However, a decline in consumer cannabis revenue partly offset this. Adjusted gross profit jumped to $32.4 million, a 15.7% increase. Adjusted gross margins expanded to 50% from 46% last year. Medical cannabis remained a key contributor, making up 70% of consolidated revenue and 86% of adjusted gross profit. Sales in Australia and Europe grew notably, thanks to new cultivar launches.

Operational efficiencies and strategic market positioning have led to a net loss reduction of $25.2 million from a more considerable loss of $62.4 million in the previous year, highlighting effective cost management and operational improvements. Adjusted EBITDA improved as well, reaching $4.3 million up from $3.0 million. The company’s focus on high-margin markets, alongside enhanced production efficiencies, has been key in navigating the competitive landscape. Looking forward, Aurora anticipates steady revenue from its Canadian operations and modest growth in Europe and Australia, with expectations of continued positive adjusted EBITDA into the fourth quarter of 2024, reinforcing its path toward achieving positive free cash flow within the calendar year.

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Essential Canadian Cannabis Stocks for April 2024

As Canadian cannabis stocks continue to evolve, several top performers are worth monitoring this week. Among these, Aurora Cannabis stands out due to its robust quarterly improvements and strategic market positioning, notably in medical cannabis, which has shown significant revenue growth. Investors should also watch Canopy Growth and Tilray, which have demonstrated adaptive strategies and expansion into international markets. Technical analysis, such as monitoring moving averages and resistance levels, can provide insights into potential entry and exit points. Moreover, given the volatile nature of the cannabis sector, investors should implement proper risk management strategies. These include setting stop-loss orders to mitigate losses and diversifying holdings to spread potential risks.

In the U.S., the cannabis industry holds promising growth potential, spurred by ongoing legislative advancements and increased societal acceptance. States like New Jersey and New York have recently legalized cannabis, potentially setting a precedent for federal legalization. This shift could significantly boost the market, opening up interstate commerce and larger-scale operations. Investors should consider U.S. stocks like Curaleaf and Green Thumb, which are poised for growth in expanding markets. Employing technical analysis can aid in identifying trends and momentum, while risk management remains crucial. Balancing portfolios and adjusting to market changes can help manage exposure to the inherent uncertainties of this growing industry.

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