As we noted previously early, Denver TV Hits Pause on the first ever marijuana commercial airing in the United States. Different reports have been drifting around so the only way it seems to know for sure is watch for yourself
If you are in the Denver Colorado, turn your televisions to Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC Denver associated organization KMGH Tonight to view the first marijuana commercial.
ABC’s associates would become the first television station to air an advertisement for a legal cannabis company tonight. That has been approved by marketing agency Cannabrand again from previous issues.
The spot, which will be a source of marketing for a cannabis extract company Neos, will run at 10:35 pm, prior to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Neos is a customer of Cannabrand
Olivia Mannix, co-founder of Cannabrand, stated the commercial watches other state marijuana advertising regulations which focus on forbidding pictures of marijuana and advertising to minors.
The Colorado Department of Revenue does not allow cannabis marketing that has a “high likelihood of reaching minors,” their for television advertisement can’t air in the middle of program where there is “reliable evidence” that more than 30% of viewers are under 21.
Mannix stated Cannabrand reviewed Nielsen data to come to the conclusion that almost 100% of viewers during the time slot is 21 or older.

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