Marijuana has remained a highly interesting industry to watch and take part in over the course of the past several months to years. New legislation however and the changing public perception of cannabis have all contributed to a very different economic landscape than previous times. The cannabis industry has managed to boom into various aspects of the financial system and for that reason, there are many different ways that have come up to invest in the space. These companies are not traditional when thinking of investing in the marijuana atmosphere however they do provide a solid amount of exposure to the market as a whole.

The company Imperial Tobacco Group (OTC:IMBBY) has been an interesting company to watch over the course of the past few months. As one of the larger players in the tobacco sphere, the company has been working to move a large amount of funds to researching cannabinoids and how they can begin to get into that sector of the market. Imperial also recently stated that they put in a large investment into the U.K. biotech company Oxford Cannabinoid, which should help them to bring into this sometimes challenging space. The Chief Development Officer of the company, Matthew Phillips stated recently that “Cannabinoid products have significant potential and our investment enables Imperial to support OCT’s important research while building a deeper understanding of the medical cannabis market.”
Cannabinoids have been one of the largest new spaces in the cannabis industry due to the wide variety of applications they present to businesses looking to grow in the field.

The company Molson Coors (NYSE:TAP) has been working to merge into the cannabis sphere as well in recent times although they are traditionally an alcohol company. One investor stated recently that “Clearly, liquor needs to hedge customer migration to cannabis. Beer is suffering, and liquor is down in mature recreational cannabis state in the U.S.” Numbers have shown that this sector of the industry has been down, and thus many companies outside of the cannabis market have been looking for ways to get involved in it. Molson Coors is one of those companies and has been working to get into the cannabis-infused beverage industry. For this reason, TAP should definitely stay on any investors list to watch over the course of the coming years.

The last company on the list is more of a traditional cannabis company in the sense of the industry. GTEC Holdings, Inc. (GGTTF) has been working to create a new series of vertically integrated growing operations to be a part of the new and booming craft cannabis space. Craft cannabis has become more and more important to the market as it has helped to give itself an individualized approach to the market that some of the larger companies cannot match. GTEC has reported large amounts of growth and continues to show promise with a large amount of exposure to the overall cannabis space.

The cannabis industry as a whole has continued to remain incredibly interesting over the past few months, and as we move toward a future of legislation in favor of the substance, it seems as though the market will only continue to get more and more exciting.

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