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Recent work published researchers in Spain has just revealed more information about the neurochemical pathway that leads to cannabis’s psychoactive effects, specifically in effects on memory. Not only did they make a breakthrough in the neurochemistry of marijuana, they as well designed a facility that had the access to block THC’s impact on the memory of mice.
Since cannabinoid receptors were initially discovered by, Raphael Mechoulam and fellow associates, medical scientist have dug further to research the newly found receptor and have discovered that it has a presence all over the body, not only in the brain, In fact, two cannabinoid receptors exist: CB1 and CB2. While the CB2 receptor will retain some of its mysticism, researchers have known for some time that the CB1 receptor is the one that is accountable for the “high” in marijuana.
Yet currently neuroscientist have discovered a connection between the certain serotonin receptors and the cannabinoid system. Not only do these receptors share a section in the brain, however, activation of the 5HT2A receptor causes a release of endocannabinoids, the humans natural “darts” for the cannabinoid receptor’s “dartboard”
Moving with this train of thought, researchers in Spain made a decision to look more thoroughly into the serotonin receptor cannabinoid receptor connection, and they discovered that the two receptors are literally connected to one another. The two receptors work with each other to develop what is known as a heteromer. Receptors are on the cell wall of the neurons located in the brain however the heteromer receptor was only discovered in specific.
By conducting experiments on mice scientist discovered that THC’s impact on short-term memory is not the cannabinoid receptor’s “fault” in a manner of speaking. The connected serotonin receptor looks like the helping hand for particular psychoactive effects while the pain relief and other medical advantages of THC branch from the cannabinoid receptor.

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