The Borough Assembly agreed to allow five marijuana businesses in Fairbanks obtain state licenses, which will be the start of a road towards full legalization.

“I am glad that this era of prohibition seems to be coming to an end. It will be good for the welfare of our society,” Fairbanks North Star Borough Assemblyman Christopher Quist said, following the votes on Thursday.

Eighty percent of these companies are going to specialize in cultivating cannabis indoors, while the remaining twenty percent is going to specialize in growing marijuana outdoors. The Alaska Marijuana Control Board also came together on Thursday to look over the licensing applications for marijuana businesses, approving some licenses for Fairbanks cultivators. The state gives local government the chance to protest cannabis laws the same way that alcohol licenses are. Assemblyman Lance Roberts and Assemblywoman Diane Hutchison tried to fight the licenses to no avail.

“I am saddened with the way our society is going with the acceptance of such a toxic substance,” said Roberts.

The companies that were finally approved from the borough are the following: “the Tanana Herb Co. at 3495 Old River Landing, Purple Quail at 440 Skyridge Dr., Alaska Cannabis Cultivators at 2693 Arla St., Pakalolo Supply Co. at 1851 Fox Ave. and Rosie Creek Farm at 2659 Livingston Loop in Ester.” Rosie Creek Farm was the first cultivator to receive a cannabis license from Alaska, which must have come with great joy.

The Marijuana Control Board held a meeting in Anchorage, giving numerous cultivators licenses for the recently legalized cannabis industry after a delay because of Alaska’s lack of authority to give national background checks. The ability to undergo background checks is a law that has not been approved by Governor Bill Walker yet. Mike Emers, the owner of Rosie Creek Farm, states that he is excited to finally begin growing some marijuana, but is not sure whether Alaska’s approval means that he can begin today.

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