Are These Marijuana Stocks On Your November Watchlist

In recent trading marijuana stocks are still having trouble building momentum. Many investors are playing the waiting game until the sector begins to show more upward trading. But what will it take to get there? Some feel with the fight to federally legalize cannabis once enacted will set off a run. Now there is no way to know for sure if this will happen. However, history has shown that when progressive news is released about federal reform cannabis stocks start to rise. At one point in time when a cannabis company would release positive news, it would resonate well among the sector. Yet in almost the last 9 months this has not been the case.

The only element that is helping the sector see better trading at the moment is news about federal cannabis reform. Although back in August cannabis companies were releasing some impressive quarterly results. This also helped to see some better trading at the time. Still the overall performance for marijuana stocks has dropped since early 2021. This dip in trading has given many the chance to find top marijuana stocks to buy at lower prices. With this opportunity, many are going on a buying spree with the intention of being prepared for a rise in the sector.

Cannabis Stocks And The Volatile Market Action

Since the end of July, marijuana stocks have seen more volatile pops in trading. Some traders have been able to take advantage of these volatile price swings. Still, for the bulk of investors, they are waiting to see a bigger overall rise before taking profits. Mainly due to the fact the bulk of these people have purchased the dips early in 2021 and the sector kept falling. So even continuing to buy the dips to lower the cost of the position investors still need to see a bigger recovery. Nonetheless, it’s still a buyer’s market until things begin to climb for marijuana stocks overall.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2021 For Better Trading

  1. TerrAscend Corp. (OTC:TRSSF)
  2. Columbia Care Inc. (OTC:CCHWF)

TerrAscend Corp.

TerrAscend Corp. cultivates, processes, and sells medical and adult-use cannabis in Canada and the United States. It produces and distributes hemp-derived wellness products to retail locations; and manufactures cannabis-infused artisan edibles. Back on October 13th the company announced that it has commenced mailing of materials to shareholders of TerrAscend. TRSSF

The Transaction represents an outstanding opportunity for TerrAscend shareholders. As well it will provide for various benefits post-completion. For example access to premium brands. The Transaction will provide TerrAscend with access to Gage’s brand. In addition to a proprietary library of genetics and Gage’s exclusive licensing partnerships in Michigan.

TRSSF Stock Performance And Market Update

Since the end of August TRSSF stock has run into a bit of trouble in the market. It was at this time when the company began to drop and lose its momentum. TRSSF stock would not see any increases in trading until the second week of September. Now, this rise was not the most significant climb. Yet it still was a sign of growth potential in a down market. Nevertheless, after this small recovery in mid-September, the company was able to sustain this rise towards the last few days of the month. However, after the 27th of September right before October the company once again started to decline in trading. Currently trading in October has been a loss for the company. So far in October TRSSF has not been able to sustain any kind of upward trading. Although outside of the market this marijuana stock is still showing progress.

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Columbia Care Inc.

Columbia Care Inc. cultivates, manufactures, and provides cannabis-based health and wellness solutions, and derivative products. The company holds licenses in 18 jurisdictions in the United States and the European Union. As of October 13, 2021, it operated 130 facilities, including 99 dispensaries and 31 cultivation and manufacturing facilities.

In recent news, the company has announced a partnership with Mr world wide himself Pitbull. The purpose of this venture is to Launch N2P, A New Line of Full Spectrum CBD Wellness Products. N2P seeks to change the negative perception of CBD products and to shine a positive light on the potential of these products.

Words From The Company

“We are committed to changing the conversation around CBD and providing a line of products that people can trust and expect that they’ll receive the best experience possible,” said Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer of Columbia Care. “We’ve partnered with Pitbull because of his passion for CBD and high-quality excellence. Together, we’re working to introduce premium, full spectrum CBD products for customers who are enthusiastic about health and wellness, but also for those who are curious about CBD and have been hesitant to try it – we want everyone to be able to change a negative to a positive.”

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CCHWF Stock Performance And Market Update

From the middle of August CCHWF stock has been on a volatile drop in trading. Since that time the company has been trying to work towards a recovery in the market. It wasn’t until the first 3 days of September when the company was able to any type of recovery. Now this upward push was short-lived and throughout the month of September, CCHWF stock did see small recovery points. From the 3rd to the 14th the company saw a big drop in trading. After this time the company was able to see a subtle rise in trading that was a bit volatile the rest of September. Moving towards the end of the month heading into October this cannabis stock started to dip once more. Currently in October CCHWF stock is still down and trying to climb before the start of November.

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