Lawmakers in Massachusetts went through a 6 month delay in the sale of cannabis for recreational use,saying they needed more time to dabble with a legalization measure that voters accepted in November.
According to a copy of the legislation posted online, House and Senate voted to push back the licensing of marijuana shops from January 1, 2018 til July 1, 2018. Personal use, possession, and cultivation became legal on December 15, making Massachusetts one of eight states in the country to take that step since voters in Washington and Colorado first approved the idea in 2012.

President-elect Donald Trump plans to leave this hanging after he is sworn in on January. 20. Marijuana still remains illegal at the federal level. Only by the Obama administration has the legalization occurred.
Democrat Senate President Stan Rosenberg of Massachusetts announced public health and safety are the reasons for the delay in sales. He said, “This short delay will allow the necessary time for the legislature to work with stakeholders on improving the new law.” Rosenberg stated, “Luckily, we are in a position where we can learn from the experiences of other states to implement the most responsible recreational marijuana law in the country.”

Legislation pushed back all deadlines in relation to retail sales, regulation, and taxes. A “cannabis control commission” that was to be appointed by March 1 is given a deadline to materialize by September 1.
Jim Borghesani (who ran the campaign to legalize cannabis in MA) said advocates learned of the legislation on Tuesday night. “We’re very disappointed with what they did and with the way they did it,” he stated. “We’re disappointed that they extended this awkward period we’re in now where possession is legal but sales are not.” Republican Governor Charlie Baker is expected to sign the delay bill into law. Spokeswoman Lizzy Guyton said this will work with public health officials to put legalization into place.

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