January has already shown some positive sentiments for marijuana stocks. Yet could February be even better? There are a lot of questions up in the air right now as to what the trend will follow. With so much dependent on legislation and how well the different markets are able to flow, it can be challenging to tell what is on the horizon for certain marijuana stocks. But, January has given us a better idea of what we can begin to look for in the coming months. It seems as though many investors have begun to invest in big-name pot stocks once more.

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While this was a trend last year, it seems as though massive losses meant large-cap marijuana stocks were almost a hotbed for failure. But, gains coming in during the last month means that many investors are once again eyeing the industry for growth and value. This is a good thing, and hopefully, something that can continue moving into next month. For now, it seems as though these two pot stocks are working to create a brighter future for themselves and the cannabis industry.

Is This Marijuana Stock Worth Watching?

The Valens Company (VLNCF Stock Report) (VLNS) is considered to be a leading Marijuana stock in the industry. The company is a producer of various extracts and also works as an extraction service provider. Unlike many other popular pot stocks, The Valens Company has actually produced an operating profit of around CA$5.5 million with around that same amount coming in for net income. One of the biggest reasons for the company being such an intriguing pot stock is its contracts with many of the largest companies in the industry.

VCNF Stock

The Valens Company states that it currently has processing deals with both HEXO and Tilray which should help to move it deep into the future. Additionally, it has stated that it is working to up the amount of processing it can manage to around 425,000 kilograms when working at peak capacity. With extracts also posting higher margins than traditional cannabis, it seems as though The Valens Company is a key pot stock to watch moving forward.

A Multi-State Operator Marijuana Stock With a Bright Future

Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF Stock Report) (TRUL) is one of the most popular MSO’s in the industry. The company works as a vertically integrated dispensary operator that has operations around the U.S. in areas where cannabis is legal. The companies largest market is on its home turf of Florida. The company currently has as many as 40 dispensaries open in the Sunshine State which is quite substantial.

marijuana stocks to watch trulieve (TRUL) (TCNNF)

During the past quarter, the company posted around $70 million in sales which is a very hefty number. Additionally, the company posted operating profits of around $23 million which also shows some healthy financials moving forward. For these reasons, Trulieve Cannabis continues to be an interesting pot stock to watch.

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