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As far as leading marijuana stocks go, there are really only a few that are worth watching. These very large market cap companies have quite a bit to offer investors, but only if the investor knows what they are looking for. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a large amount of small and mid-cap pot stocks that often do not get the attention that they deserve. These companies are working toward becoming large influencers in the cannabis industry.

This is not to say that these companies are all gold mines because that would not be true. But, the opportunity is out there for these small and mid-range companies. Often times, investors forgo a large amount of these key pot stocks simply due to their size. As investors, we are always looking for the newest and best opportunities to put our money to work.

With that in mind, these companies are definitely worth giving a closer look. This also depends on one’s own investor style as there is a large range of companies that offer different and shifting levels of volatility. It is also worth noting that investors should be sure to do all of the research that they can. With this in mind, avoiding rampant price swings can become much easier.

A Marijuana Stock With a Budding Future

4Front Ventures (FFNTF Stock Report) (FFNT) is a cannabis company that has been making big waves throughout the industry. The company is built on the premise of ensuring its long term goals are within reach. It does this by having a highly skilled team that can help to accomplish any opportunities that it is given. With this in mind, the company has been able to delve into many different areas of marijuana stocks. This includes everything from plant genetics all the way to the retail side of the business. Because of its broad scope, the company remains a promising pot stock to watch moving forward. 4FRONT stock

Recently, the company announced some major updates to its new Chicago Mission dispensary. The company released the data from the dispensaries the first week of business. During that first week, the dispensary was able to pull in as many as 2,300 customers totaling around $266,000 in sales. With this and its other prospects, 4Front Ventures remains a key pot stock to watch moving forward.

Another Key Pot Stock to Watch

CannTrust Holdings (CTST Stock Report) is not a small pot stock by any means. The company represents the top of the cannabis industry, but this may not be for long. Only recently, it was found out that CannTrust was growing quite a sizable amount of unlicensed cannabis. The number, totaling around $58 million resulted in the company having its licenses suspended by the governing board of all things cannabis in Canada.

canntrust marijuana stock

With this, many expect that the company may actually be delisted from the NYSE. This, of course, is just speculation at this point, but regardless the company remains an extremely risky pot stock to watch. For investors looking for a volatile pot stock with some possible potential, CannTrust could be the one to watch.

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