Marijuana Stocks Top Articles for January 3, 2018

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Marijuana Stocks To Plant In Your Portfolio

Already, 2018 has advanced the marijuana industry and its only January 2nd. This new year has marked the legalization of the recreational marijuana market in the state of California as of January 1st, and it is the year that Canada will legalize adult-use recreational marijuana. Last year, most marijuana stocks saw some serious growth and the outlook for this year remains even more bullish. According to cannabis research firm, the legal North American marijuana industry grew by 34% in 2016 reaching $6.9 billion. It projected to increase around 26% annually through 2021 which equates to nearly $21.6 billion.

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Marijuana Has Gone Fully Legal In California

California has started selling recreational marijuana on New Year’s Day in what is being called a milestone in the mainstreaming of cannabis, and many are lined up to make there first fully legal purchase. Lines that were made outside stores were licensed to sell marijuana long before the doors to the full rec dispensaries were open and store owners said they had stocked up in expectation of huge demand.

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Vaping Marijuana Can Help You Quit Cigarettes

Recently, a lot of research has been conducted regarding e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, most of the research has been focused on the consequences rather than the benefits. As its popularity increases, BHO concentrates (vaping), increased research is being conducted as well. Rather than focusing on the negatives, a group of scientists studying tobacco addiction began to see a positive trend that they considered is worth further examination. The study was published in the journal, Society for the Study of Addiction, and it reasons that vaping marijuana can reduce tobacco usage as well as addiction.

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