KFC (NYSE:YUM) Gets Occupational Business License To Sell Marijuana In Colorado Restaurants.

In the state of Colorado, cannabis clinics are big industry – earning some retailers nearly $1 million per year.

Those numbers made an impact on the KFC Corporation, they made the decision to include a pot dispensary to be a part of their Colorado franchise restaurants.

Franchisees have the chance to build a foundation into the business for an additional $35,000 setup fee.

The KFC Corporation was able to get approval on February 3, 2015 for their Cannabis Retail Recreational Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Occupational Business License.

So far, 42 of the almost 100 KFC franchises that are located in the state Colorado have made this “option”  an addition to their menu.

 Their is actually a humorous comparison due to the south park episode “medicinal fried chicken” having to do with KFC selling marijuana with there famous fried chicken

In the midst of all this a major crisis happens for cartman when his favorite foods at KFC are all replaced with medicinal marijuana stores. Though KFC isn’t going out of business they are adapting to a new trend.

“In order to be successful, a deep understanding of the market is critical to success,” says KFC spokesperson William Rausch. “It’s all about evolution and we are ready to serve the needs of the people of Colorado.”

For the people choosing to buy marijuana they must provide a picture ID showing that they are 21 years or older in order to make a purchase

Coloradans are only allowed to purchase 28 grams at one time, while people who are not citizens of colorado are limited on their purchase only be allowed to buy a quarter at a time

Due to banking restrictions, when making a purchase in dispensaries it is a cash only business . Ounces usually start at a price of 200 and only go up along with a pot tax of 25 %

In addition to making a profit from the “leafy green” they also have some delectable edibles in stock. They are offering Smashed Potatoes, Macaroni Munchies andBong Time Biscuits – all made with their tasty cannabis butter

KFC is anticipating to get all 100 franchisees ready to go with the new inventory by March 2016. #KushForCure

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  1. I assume you’ve never seen the episode of South Park you describe. The KFC’s in the episode are all closed down due to a state wide ban on fast food in low income areas, in the show, KFC’s are only in low income areas. The KFC stores are converted to medicinal marijuana shops. There is no sales of cannabis and chicken together in the episode. A black market emerges for KFC, in a parody of Scarface and Randy’s balls grow huge because of self-inflicted cancer, and he uses them around town as a hoppity-hop.

    The last thing I want is corporations involved in weed. I don’t remotely see this as good news. I love marijuana but detest the culture around it.

    Also, there is a difference between there and their. Titles require capitalization. Medicinal Fried Chicken is the name of the episode. South Park is the name of the show. Head Editor is a title, but maybe one improperly bestowed.

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