There are a ton of people who enjoy getting a bit impaired after smoking marijuana. However, there are some people who become paranoid after smoking, but why? Well, a group of researchers from England has discovered a gene that may forecast the probability of a person experiencing psychosis after smoking marijuana. Remarkable efforts over the last decade have been put into finding genetic factors that may indicate that a person’s reaction to cannabis will include bad psychological effects. There have been many interesting results as well, most recently from England; a new study has made the belief that genetics can indicate one’s experience while high more concrete.

The experience more specifically being observed is cannabis-induced psychosis, but what is that? In the past, many scientists have connected psychosis with smoking marijuana; this was also known as ‘reefer madness.’ Nowadays, little to nobody actually believes that marijuana will turn someone into marijuana, but despite that, there is still an evident connection between marijuana and psychotic episodes. The risk is minuscule, and not that many smokers will experience a bit of psychosis.

“Putting yourself repeatedly in a psychotic or paranoid state might be one reason these people could go on to develop psychosis when they might not have done otherwise. Although cannabis-induced psychosis is very rare, when it happens it can have a terrible impact on the lives of young people. This research could help pave the way towards the prevention and treatment of cannabis psychosis,” Celia Morgan, Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Exeter and lead author of the report, stated.

Research of the past has linked the connection between psychosis and cannabis use in those that have previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and even found various genes that also had an effect. This study found that those who have a variation in the “AKT1” experienced more visual distortions, memory impairment, and paranoid delusions after consuming cannabis.

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