Since the recreational use of cannabis became legal in several states, authorities document a major increase in the number of pot-filled packages being shipped through the mail.

Shipping cannabis is a federal offense – even if it was sent from a state where marijuana is legal.

Marijuana by mail has nothing to do with Illinois medical marijuana, which started Monday.

“So even with these states that have passed the legal recreational use of marijuana, it is still a violation of the federal law to transport illegal narcotics through the US mail.” Gomez would not give any more details on investigative techniques to detect marijuana -which reportedly include package profiling and drug-sniffing dogs.

The I-Team visited Colorado this past year not long after recreational marijuana was legalized in the state and dispensaries were filled with a variety of marijuana edibles which experts state is more potent than in other parts of the country.

“Colorado marijuana is very desirable,” stated Thomas Gorman, program director for the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, an organization made up of federal, state and local groups working to reduce drug transportation.

The group recently released research that displays the amount of intercepted mail containing Colorado marijuana destined for other states which have increased over 2,000 times from 2010-2014.

The I-Team spoke to several individuals who stated they have sent cannabis in the mail from Colorado.

Chicago police say he had a package shipped to him from Colorado containing more than 5 pounds of marijuana.

“I mean the edibles have been a tremendous negative impact.” Colorado law enforcement officials said they have their hands full with illegal marijuana farms, which are run by criminal growers who think they won’t be noticed in a state where recreational weed is OK. A new marijuana underground, shipping toIllinois and other states, and dozens of people in Colorado have been arrested in recent weeks in connection.

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