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The American cannabis market seems to be one of the most fruitful of the present day. With a majority of legislation still lacking on the federal level, we have seen the individual statewide markets begin to succeed on their own. Of course, there are still some large issues with the U.S. cannabis industry.

The main issue which feeds into the second largest problem is that of high taxes. Around the U.S. in places like California, taxes can sometimes mean that a consumer is paying as much as 40% more for their product than wholesale. This is where the second issue comes in. Because prices can be so high, the legal cannabis market has actually fueled a large amount of growth for the black market.

In many states, sales have been less than expected due to this very reason. But, with this issue being considered in many different states around the U.S., it seems like it won’t be long before we see some real change enacted. For now, however, it is up to the individual segmented markets to determine how much success they want in the near future. With that in mind, many key marijuana stocks have stepped up to the plate, illustrating that they have what it takes to potentially succeed in the industry.

A Pot Stock With a Large U.S. Presence

Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF Stock Report) (GTII) is a key pot stock with a presence in as many as 12 states around the U.S. The company has stated that it has the potential to reach as many as 150 million people through its various retail licenses that it holds. The company recently has begun to enter into both the Nevada and the Illinois cannabis markets respectively. With this, it is now entering into two of the fastest-growing cannabis markets in the nation.

Right now, Green Thumb Industries has as many as 40 open retail locations in the states. With this broad reach, the company is continuing to push toward a bright future in the multi-state operator sector. MSOs seem to have gotten a large amount of notoriety in the past few months. This is due to the scope that they tend to have around the market. With that in mind, Green Thumb Industries remains a key pot stock to watch.

Pot Stock To Watch Another Cannabis Retailer

Cresco Labs (CRLBF Stock Report) (LABS) is another large cannabis stock with a big retail presence in the U.S. Acting as an MSO as well, the company has as many as 11 states that it is present in. With this, it should also have access to around 31 retail licenses once its most recent acquisition pushes through. The company has stated that it has a heavy focus on the Californian market.

With California being widely regarded as the largest cannabis market in the world, this seems like it could be the right move. The company recently closed on an acquisition of Origin House which should give it retail access to over 575 dispensaries within California alone. For this reason, the company continues to look like it could have a bright future in the next few years.

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