Will Colorado Lead the Marijuana Fight in Congress?


Legislation dealing with marijuana has been a troubling issue since its creation. Colorado has worked to help disband the difficulties in the nation’s capital by having a seat in congress filled with a reliable pro-marijuana representative. Rep. Jared Polis has been the ‘counted on’ vote even before there were three other representatives that helped to found the Cannabis Caucus. With Polis planning to run for governor, the hopes are high that whoever takes his seat will fight for cannabis just as strongly as he did.

A motivational speaker on cannabis named Todd Mitchem recently wrote a book tilted You, Disrupted; which can undeniably be linked the marijuana. Mitchem is not only a speaker, but a marijuana investor and businessman. He served as the former chief revenue officer for a Denver-based Vape company and founded a Tinder-like dating app for those who like to consume marijuana. What does this have to do with Congress? Some are in hopes that Mitchem could potentially be the next congressman and the first to be not only be pro-marijuana, but to actually be an investor and businessman in the sector.

In the beginning of August, Mitchem announced to the public that he would be running for Congress to take Polis’s seat. One of the main motivations behind his campaign is in fact marijuana.

Mitchem stated in a newspaper recently that “I’ve done a lot of work in the marijuana industry, but when Trump was elected and I saw the mess around Jeff Sessions and the pushback against the industry, it just showed how much of a mess the federal government is.” Mitchem also used the news paper to write an op-ed mostly criticizing Session’s stance on the plant.

Mitchem further stated that “What’s really motivating me isn’t just marijuana issues. It’s all these issues impacting our community. What’s affected me the most is health care. My family’s premiums have risen about $700.”


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