Marijuana has officially been allowed in Oregon, but according to a recent report, the federal government is still doing its part and has sent over $500,000 to keep uprooting marijuana plants. The U.S. Drug enforcement agency is willing to pay $750,000 to Oregon police just to continue to ruin marijuana operations throughout the state according to obtained documents. This “compensation” is based off of a marijuana eradication program from over four decades ago and aims to completely stop those trying to take advantage of the cannabis industry. The biggest issue, obviously, is that the money used for this eradication is being paid by the taxes of those who voted for marijuana to be legalized.

“I think the DEA’s marijuana eradication program is a huge waste of federal taxpayer dollars,” democratic Congressman Ted Lieu said in an interview. “We have states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado that have legalized marijuana, and then you’ve got the federal government trying to eradicate it. That doesn’t make any sense.”

A week ago, Lieu and Justin Amash of Michigan proposed a measure to the House of Representatives that would focus on getting rid of the DEA’s $18 million marijuana eradication program. Not only would the proposal stop the DEA from spending taxpayer’s money who are in support of marijuana, but it would also thwart them from “cashing in on civil asset forfeitures.” Police in Oregon are looking to spend most of the money that the DEA sent by flying helicopters to look for places where marijuana is being grown. Basically, “Uncle Sam” is paying almost millions of dollars (most of which comes from taxpayers) for eradicator of marijuana in an area that most voters believe should have marijuana.

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