With today being 420 and with every growing year, more supporters join the fight to celebrate the culture and progression of the marijuana law. I mean what would you rather celebrate: 420 or Columbus Day?

Talk show host Bill Maher made an announcement on his show this past Friday that  he has created a petition to make 420 a national holiday. Maher stated now that pot is legal in some form or another it’s about time we make this unofficial celebration an official holiday for all ganja lovers and activist.

Maher states, “It’s more worthy than Columbus Day.”

“Why should we celebrate that racist psychopath?” Maher then treated his viewers to a reading of the not-so-children’s book “Twas the Night Before 4/20.”

Read in the way of a nursery rhyme, this book incorporated lines such as, “Then out of the shadows I saw it myself. It was Willie Nelson and Snoop [Dogg], his jolly old elf.”

The petition has been live for a few days and reached more than 3.118 signatures on its way to reaching his goal of 5,000 total signatures. To join the movement to make 420 an official holiday sign your name on Bill Maher’s petition at Change.org.


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