The marijuana stock market has been no stranger to the various price corrections that have happened throughout the stock market, but has this recent bout of volatility signaled a time to get into the market with massive opportunity? Several stocks have begun to shine through amidst these fluctuating prices, and it appears as though they could become a bargain in the near future. The good news is that most of this doesn’t last longer than a few days, and hopefully, within that time, companies can begin once more to trade off of their intrinsic value rather than the speculative trading that is currently going on.

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (WRLD.CN)(KNHBF) has been one of the largest players waiting to get in on the international market on cannabis. As the legal marijuana stock market has shown its large amount of potential to the world in the past few years, many countries around the world have begun to follow suit by working to implement series of new laws into the world of legal marijuana. ICC has stated that they aim to become the Amazon of the global marijuana supply industry. The company has been working to gather a large amount of propensity in terms of their distribution networks for the worldwide space. The past month or so has shown that the company has been able to secure the rights to as many as 35,000 pharmacies across 16 countries with their purchase of 50% of the company Marathon Global Inc. This is only one of the many big moves that they have made in recent times, and the company continues to be one of the most promising stocks to watch as we move throughout the future.

Liberty Health Sciences (NASDAQOTH:LHSIF) is nowhere near as well known as some of the largest players in the industry, but in no way should they be overlooked for their size. The company currently has one of only 14 medical cannabis licenses in the whole state of Florida, which has been quoted as being one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the U.S. With the market on track to produce as much as $1.7 billion in revenue by the end of the next 3 years, Liberty Health shows a massive amount of exposure to this budding industry. These numbers show that the company has a 15% market share of the whole of the Floridian legal cannabis space, and has since been working to add new dispensaries around the state. The hopes are that these efforts will help to bring their market share to around 25%. If the projections for the market are on track, Liberty Health Sciences could see around $425 million annually in revenue, which makes them an even more interesting stock to watch as we move throughout the future.

The recent volatility in the market is only characteristic of such a new and infant industry. Only time will tell how the market can continue to react to these changes, but it seems as though things need to stabilize before any gains can be made throughout.

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