Last year, a Farm Bill was passed by Congress that allowed for a wide range of federal farm programs. Hidden inside of that legislation was an amendment that allowed states and universities to research hemp, a plant that has been long since banned in the United States.

In 1937, with the Marijuana Tax Act, hemp production was banned in the United States. Now, North Carolina passed a bill that would legalize the production of industrial hemp within the state. Let’s look at eight facts about hemp.

The first and probably the most important is that hemp does not get one high. Hemp only contains 0.3% THC, the psychoactive ingredient that can get one high. Secondly, natives of a tiny island near China may have been the first to farm hemp.

On that island, scientists found pottery made from hemp, while looking through a Stone Age Taiwanese village. Next is that most household items may be made from hemp; the North American Industrial Hemp Council predicts that there are over 25,000 products that may be made from hemp. Fourthly, In the 1600s, property owners in North America were required to grow hemp by law.

Fifthly, both Woody Harrelson and Mitch McConnell may have something in common; they are both proud supporters of hemp that have made valiant efforts to legalize the crop. Sixth, “Hemp for Victory!” That was the slogan advocating hemp legalization to increase revenues during World War II. Seventh, Hemp seeds contain nutrients that are also found in breast milk. Gamma-linolenic acid is found in hemp seeds and may be found in the seed along with sundry other nutrients. Finally, hemp stalks may be used to store energy. Just a year ago, David Mitlin and other scientists made an energy storage device made from leftover hemp according to the BBC.

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