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Are you sure you want the entire world getting high? Is that so good, sure it will help with boat loads of medical conditions, but will it technically make our societies more or less productive?

Will according to studies conducted and released by scientists at Imperial College London, UCL and King’s College. Long term weed users typically have less dopamine, dopamine is a neurochemical linked to being productive and motivated.

Scientists used brain imaging for this research, and when comparing someone who does not smoke weed consistently with someone who does. The image clearly shows dopamine levels in the striatum which is the part of the brain that holds that compound, was extremely lower with daily weed users.

Weed should not be associated as a bad toxin, I know a lot of our fellow conservative love to bash this whole Weed and Weed Stocks movement.

I am a big supporter of the medical breakthrough we have seen with weed, and truly believe it is an effective pain treatment. In fact when you go to a specialist to qualify for weed treatment, in the disclosure section it clearly states: Marijuana has substantial evidence proving an effective treatment for chronic pain.

The crazy part, most of the studies on pain evaluated nabiximols outside the United States. Is this maybe because the pharma manufacturers for opiates have too much power? I would say this is a very high possibility; lobbies will keep control of the market maximizing self-profits.

The use of weed / cannabis for pain treatment is supported by controlled clinical trials, but we know very little about the efficacy, dose, routes of administration and side effects.
Weed has also shown to be a strong solution for the treatment of seizures, as we have seen videos across the web proving this time after time. There have been actual clinical studies done, which also proved Weed to be an effective treatment for Seizures.
The ugly part of all this, in the U.S. lobbyist, are so powerful they will do anything and everything to keep market control. Let’s examine for a second if Weed started to treat pain on a mass scale then why would the population keep using opiates as an effective treatment for chronic pain. Opiates are 10 times more addictive with more than double the amount of side effects.

The Good is we have several ways to benefit from this weed and weed stocks popularity. Maybe you are one of the fortunate ones able to obtain a license and produce plants, potentially making huge revenues and profits on a very lucrative business.
Maybe you have already picked up a nice portfolio of emerging Marijuana Companies that have more than doubled in valuations sense you purchased.

Whatever may be the case, you have so many ways to gain and benefit from this ever-booming industry. The crazy part about all this? We are not even quarter of the way through yet, so before you start thinking it is too late to benefit, think again.

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