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Rolland Gregg along with his family have been fighting federal cannabis charges for over three years, stating that the near seventy cannabis plants that police found on the Washington property in Washington were only for medicinal purposes and were not at all illegal. Last year, a federal jury put Gregg, his mother, and his wife away for the cultivation of between fifty and a hundred cannabis plants. According to their lawyer, this does not violate the state’s medical marijuana laws.

With jail sentences approaching, they have now swung to a new act of Congress that they say ought to have halted the United States Department of Justice from indicting them since they were doing what their state permitted. Cannabis is illicit under federal law, and the Department of Justice does not agree with Gregg’s comprehension of the new law.

“It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life when you see the government coming down on you for simply trying to be healthy,” Gregg stated.

A federal appeals court is likely going to make a decision soon on the extent of the law that could ensure or reverse no less than six federal cannabis criminal indictments and convictions in California and Washington, including Gregg’s, and confine future arraignments of medical cannabis clients and dispensaries in eight Western states that permit them.

“The 9th Circuit is the biggest circuit, one that contains lots of marijuana states. If they were to say, ‘The federal government is prohibited from enforcing medical marijuana law,’ that would be huge,” Sam Kamin, a professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, who studies cannabis restriction, said.

The problem present is an amendment that stated that the Department of Justice is not allowed to use the money given to them to stop states that have legalized medical cannabis from passing laws that halt the sector.

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