Remember the days when people were getting caught for growing Cannabis in their basement? Ever watch those Marijuana specials where they show people growing copious amounts of Weed in a state park? Those were the days… In a scene reminiscent of “Breaking Bad,” police in Palermo Italy have made a discovery in one of their sewer systems. No it wasn’t the Ninja Turtles on holiday it was a fully functioning grow operation. It turns out that the perpetrators of this grow realized (like a select few before) that the sewer system actually offers a pretty unique micro-climate to cultivate the crop using proper lighting and irrigation systems to grow some 100 plants.

Now while I can’t condone the “illegal” growing of a plant that has been grown, harvested, & revered for thousands of years because of a “clause” in my partnerships. I can say in Italian “Bravo, Fantastico, Molto, che fico!!!” Yet, while this gives a whole new meaning to the term “dank” weed, wouldn’t it be amazing to literally get these industrious “criminals” out of the sewers growing legal weed for all?


 -The Wolf

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