The battle for legalizing marijuana seems to have been won, but it has not been as good as people had originally thought. In many areas that have legalized the drug, it is still illegal to grow it, and in some places, even sell it. It might as well be illegal there! Well, this has come to the attention of many, and after long battles, things are finally beginning to change. Humboldt County, the marijuana center of Northern California, has finally been approved to open up two medical cannabis farms this summer. The two sites are going to be Honeydew Farms, a seven-acre outdoor farm in the town of Honeydew, and a quarter-acre “mixed-light” farm managed by Blessed Coast LLC in Carlotta. These are the first farms of its type in the county, “marking the beginning of a new era for the industry.”

Approximately a hundred more types of these farms submitted applications to the county, and county senior planner Steve Lazar states that he expects hundreds more to come about in the next few months. He added that the applications he has received thus far are merely the end of the first wave. Applications are being made under an administrative project endorsed by the county in January, complimenting California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), which makes a statewide authorizing program anticipated to begin in 2018. Under the law, administrators must hold both a neighborhood and state license. The Humboldt-Mendocino Marijuana Advocacy Project (HUMMAP), be that as it may, is calling on the region to be more prohibitive on the span of authorized marijuana ranches.

“The county is catering to the greedheads,” HUMMAP’s Robert Sutherland said in an interview. “Instead, we need to focus on an industry that continues to honor its reputation for quality. People will buy based on their knowledge that it’s coming from a hands-on, very conscientious and responsible handler.”

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