Top Marijuana Penny Stocks for December 2023

High Potential in December 2023: Leading Marijuana Penny Stocks to Consider

As December 2023 kicks off, investors are keenly eyeing the burgeoning marijuana sector and top marijuana stocks, particularly the penny stocks that promise significant opportunities amid the rapid growth of the U.S. cannabis industry. Recent statistics underscore the sector’s remarkable expansion: a report from the Cannabis Market Analysis indicates that the U.S. cannabis industry’s valuation is expected to surge by 30% this year alone, reflecting a trend of robust growth driven by widespread legalization and increased consumer demand.

This dynamic market environment has made marijuana penny stocks a hotbed for short-term traders. Often trading below $5, these stocks offer a high-risk but potentially high-reward scenario, especially for those adept at using technical indicators. Successful trading in this volatile sector requires a nuanced understanding of market trends, volume analysis, and price movements. Key technical indicators like moving averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Bollinger Bands are instrumental for traders to time their entry and exit points effectively.

However, the allure of high returns comes with significant risks. The marijuana sector, particularly the penny stock segment, is known for its volatility and unpredictability. Hence, proper risk management is crucial. This involves setting clear stop-loss orders, diversifying investments, and only allocating a small portion of the investment portfolio to these high-risk assets. As investors navigate the last month of 2023, marijuana penny stocks stand out as both a symbol of the cannabis industry’s growth and a testament to the intricacies of short-term trading in a rapidly evolving market.

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December 2023’s Hot Picks: The Marijuana Penny Stocks Primed for Growth

  1. Cansortium Inc. (OTC: CNTMF)
  2. Gold Flora Corporation (OTC: GRAM)

Cansortium Inc.

Cansortium Inc. is a notable player in the cannabis industry. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, this vertically integrated company operates under the Fluent™ brand. Their business encompasses cultivation, production, distribution, and retail. Specializing in high-quality cannabis products, Cansortium has established a significant presence in several U.S. states. As of late 2023, they run 33 stores, with a strong focus on the Florida market. This number is expected to grow with the planned opening of an additional store in Florida by the end of the year​​.

​The company’s operations extend beyond Florida, with licensed activities in Pennsylvania and Texas. Their commitment to operational excellence is evident in their cultivation and production practices, aimed at generating high-quality, high-THC products. Cansortium’s strategy also involves expanding its footprint, particularly in Texas, where it plans to open a brick-and-mortar delivery center in Houston in early 2024. This expansion reflects their intention to leverage their first-mover advantage in these markets and continue their growth trajectory.


Q3 2023 Highlights

In Q3 2023, Cansortium Inc. demonstrated notable financial performance with a 14% increase in revenue, reaching $25.3 million, compared to $22.1 million in Q3 2022. Their Florida operations were particularly strong, witnessing a 17% rise in revenue to $21.3 million. However, adjusted gross profit decreased to $16.1 million or 63.9% of revenue, from $16.7 million or 75.5%. Adjusted EBITDA also saw a decline to $8.8 million, mainly due to higher salaries and wages and lower average ticket per transaction. Despite these challenges, cash flow from operations improved to $7.1 million. The company also continued its expansion, opening a new store in Jacksonville, Florida, and planning to open another by year-end, bringing its total to 33 stores.

CNTMF Stock Performance

On December 4th, CNTMF stock finished at $0.1150, up 15% in the past week of trading. The stock is now trading in a 52-week price range of $0.058-$0.19, up 2.87 percent year to date.

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Gold Flora Corporation

Gold Flora Corporation is a female-led, vertically integrated cannabis leader running eight cannabis brands, fifteen retail locations, and other businesses across California. Stately Distribution is one of these companies. Its retail enterprises include Airfield Supply Company, Varda, Caliva, Coastal, Calma, King’s Crew, and Higher Level.

Across three buildings, Gold Flora Corporation’s 72,000-square-foot indoor growing canopy is located at Desert Hot Springs. The business can expand by adding roughly 240,000 square feet to the previously approved additional acreage. This unique opportunity may be timed to satisfy market demand, which is crucial. The 200,000 square foot modern campus is home to the company’s extraction, manufacturing, and Stately Distribution operations. The product is protected during its entire journey through the company’s pipeline thanks to the concentrated location, which provides optimum logistical and security benefits.

Through hubs spread around the state, the company distributes a number of well-known brands, including its own premium lines of Gold Flora, Monogram, Caliva, Mirayo by Santana, Cruisers, Roll Bleezy, Sword & Stoned, Aviation Cannabis, and Jetfuel Cannabis. An increasing number of external firms are reaching out to the company in search of reliable input sources and established channels for distribution.

Q3 2023 Highlights

In Q3 2023, the company reported a total revenue of $32 million. Its gross profit stood at $11.3 million, indicating a 35% gross margin, while the adjusted gross profit was $18.1 million, representing a 57% adjusted gross margin. Notably, the quarter saw a net income of $23 million, bolstered by a $49 million non-cash gain from a business combination with TPCO Holding Corp.

Operational highlights include completing the business combination with TPCO and Gold Flora, LLC. The company achieved $30 million in annualized cost savings, exceeding initial estimates. Key strategies included organizational redesign, payroll reductions, real estate optimization, and leveraging its vertically integrated platform. The company’s first-party brands portfolio accounted for 21% of total retail revenue and significantly expanded cultivation capacity at its Desert Hot Springs Campus. Additionally, the launch of Stately Distribution aims to boost retail growth and manage a portfolio of third-party partner brands.

GRAM Stock Performance

GRAM stock closed at $0.11 on December 4th, down 5.17% in the last month of trading. In this case, the stock has a 52-week price range of $0.005-$0.323 and is down 24.66% year to date.

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Key Marijuana Penny Stocks to Track in December 2023

In conclusion, 2023’s end highlights the marijuana industry’s rich opportunities, especially in penny stocks. These stocks, though risky, open doors to a fast-growing market. New laws and rising consumer interest fuel this growth. Investors must be cautious and well-informed to profit from this growth. In addition, they need to understand technical analysis and have strong risk management skills. With smart choices and strategic trading, these marijuana penny stocks offer a distinct chance in December 2023. They could lead to significant returns in a rapidly growing and evolving market.

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