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2017 has really been the year for marijuana in the united states, 28 different states have led the initiative in the legalization of its medicinal use. The real beauty starts to exert itself when you look at all the goods that are a product of its harvest, because when broken down weed can be used as hemp for physical products or for its medicinal cannabinoid but either way they are becoming more and more present in households today.

Without adieu here are the top 10 marijuana trends in no particular order

1. Personal Home grow solutions

As marijuana continually becomes more accepted in households, people are starting to grow their own marijuana. This opens a new market for companies that create solutions for home growing. States are also becoming more lenient as to the amount of plants you can have. for example, in Maine each household is allowed to have 12 plants and in Alaska it is double that. Since growing marijuana indoors is extremely heavy on the utility bills a lot of companies have been trying to create different methods for us to harvest marijuana without racking up a hefty electricity bill.

2. Delivery

The next big thing that is growing a lot in recent news are marijuana delivery services, just as companies like uber-eats and grub hub make food delivery a one-click mission. Companies like California cannabis delivery startup Eaze have gathered more than 25 million dollars in multiple rounds of financing in order to become the largest provider of on-demand cannabis. As they do remain ahead numerous delivery services are trying to copy Eaze’s business model to service what will be the worlds largest recreational cannabis economy.

3. Weed TV shows

Aside from marijuana having the most famous cameos in television today. This makes a lot of room for marijuana based television shows. Unlike weeds, these shows are taking place in a different America meaning that they have a vast consumer base which will facilitate its growth. Who doesn’t like a good stoner tv show.

4. Synthetic CBD

Another market that is growing rapidly is the harvesting of synthetic CBD, although this technically doesn’t have marijuana in it, it is a product of the controversy against CBD products. Every single day companies like Corbus pharma(OTC:CBRP) struggle with the FDA in attempting to green light synthetic CBD based medicine. Their drug Resunab, currently in phase 3 testing, is said to be released in 2019 as one of the best CBD alternative medicines today.

5. Craft marijuana

Like alcohol, people are beginning to see the differences in different marijuana depending on its source. This opens up a new lane for artisanal medicinal marijuana as people are beginning to smoke lavishly packaged strains and medicinal products. Companies like défoncé chocolates make luxury chocolate bars that just so happen to be medicated with quality cannabis. Every day more cannabis companies are beginning to embrace the farm-to-table approach for marijuana, this will continually open a path for craft-weed.

6. Safer/easier consumption

the biggest controversy today with marijuana is the methods of which it is consumed. Because smoking is so shunned upon in todays world. Many companies have been making the move to safer consumption both for recreational and medicinal relief. Portable vaporizers like the PAX 3 and the Puffco plus allow consumers to discretely inhale marijuana while on the go. As edibles also provide longer/more therapeutic doses a lot of companies are moving to uniquely packaged and marketed edibles for mass-consumption.

7. Micro dosing

Micro dosing is a great way to receive a lot of medicinal marijuana benefits without the high that is usually associated with THC. Companies like Kiva Confections have been creating micro-dose friendly products that are uniquely packaged for the masses. Recent studies have actually indicated that micro dosing might actually have more of a positive effect than macro dosing, that being said this market is poised for growth during 2017.

8. Sports

Today many athletes like Ronda Rousey and Ricky Williams have become advocates for stopping marijuana testing in sports leagues to allow athletes to use marijuana as medication. Many professional athletes turn to the use of medicinal marijuana to treat pain and head injuries as they continue to reject opiate-based prescribed medicine

9. Product design

Although most of the products in this industry were made based on utility , the tables are beginning to turn as style becomes more present in a variety of products. The world of glassware is also receiving a makeover as visionaries like marijuana activist jane west recently raised a million dollars in capital for a new glassware collection, it’ll be very interesting to see the stylistic choices of vendors as marijuana gets more trendy by the day.

10. Los Angeles as the new marijuana capital

Its time for Denver to move over, there’s a new capital for marijuana according to Medmen capital CEO Adam Biermen. As the marijuana market in Los Angeles amounts to roughly 1 billion dollars, easily overshadowing the mile high city. The city is actually expected to pass a law that clears the path for a proper marijuana licensing program which will open up the flow into the recreational market.

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