The marijuana industry has definitely had its ups and downs in the past few weeks to months, but one of the interesting things has been its defiance to falling with the rest of the stock market during the second week of October. Cannabis has had its own intrinsic value for some times now, but watching this, many investors have chosen to fill their portfolios with cannabis often forgoing other markets.

One of the cannabis stocks that has continued to help bring in investors not only in the Canadian market but all around the world has been the company New Age Beverages Corp. (NASDAQ:NBEV). The company would not normally be considered a cannabis stock but they recently announced an entrance into the market with the production of CBD based beverages. With an over 250% gain in September alone, New Age has continued to show a large amount of value to investors. The company has been one that many have avoided due to its volatility and the products that they have produced in the past, but in recent times things have gotten more exciting as they move into this alternate side of the market.

The company Tilray should come as no surprise on this list as they have been one of the primary stocks to watch over the past month or so. With gains last month of around 120% on the NASDAQ, many investors have begun to take a look at Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY). The company has been working to put their hands all over the cannabis market and has since seen a large amount of volatility due to doing so. Tilray has also been on a race to find a partner in the pharmaceutical, beverage and tobacco space that would help them to grow each individual side of their business. In recent times however, Tilray has become something of a household name as they were on of the first large marijuana stocks to list on such a popular exchange as the NASDAQ. This helped to make headlines and to some extent, helped to give a large amount of credibility to the whole of the cannabis space. The hopes are high that in the near future, Tilray can continue to show why so many investors believe in the company.

The last company on the list is one of the smaller companies in the industry, but one that should not in any way be overlooked for its size. GTEC Holdings, Inc. (GTEC) has been one of the key players in the smaller market on cannabis for some time now. Interestingly enough, the company has been able to occupy a side of the market that others have not been able to tap into which is the craft side of cannabis. The company has been able to produce quantities of high grade cannabis for sale in the market, and as the craft movement in cannabis pushes forward, it seems like they have yet to accrue a large amount of competition.

The hopes continue to be high that as we move toward the future of cannabis, companies like these will continue to innovate the space allowing new investors to come in, and the market to continue shaping up to expectations.

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