As the domestic War onDrugs has been backed for over 30 years by Michele Leonhart, it looks as if some of her misguided policies, mostly those stemming from Reagan’s anti-marijuana regime, may finally come falling down with the recent appointment of the new head of the DEA.
At the beginning of last week, the Justice Department stated that Chuck Rosenberg, who worked as chief of staff to the director of the FBI, would be coming in to take over Leonhart’s position as the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Rosenberg is an “exceptional leader” with “unshakable integrity” in a document regarding his appointment, however enthusiast of marijuana reform have been left pondering whether the change will be for better or end being a bad move.
Even if there was reason to believe that the individual ultimately charged with defending the integrity of the Controlled Substance Act Would not avert from the agencies ancient handbook of shakedowns and different sneaky tactics pointed at locking away the average American with a love for pot, a recent report taken from the Los Angeles Times implies that Rosenberg will not display heavy attention on indiscretions involving cannabis.
As an alternative, Rosenberg, who will come in as the new DEA’s acting administrator until the next presidential administrator is expected “to improve the DEA’s procedures on classifying, declassifying and reclassifying drugs,” by concerning himself less on the enforcement of cannabis laws and more on the terror of heroin and various narcotics and dangerous drugs.

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