Canadian Insurance Company Pays For Med Pot

Canadian insurance company’s covering med cannabis costs is exactly what the doctor ordered for license producers’ success.Insurance companies would be making a financially sound decision covering med doobies because a medical marijuana patient has much few prescription medications than a person who doesn’t use medical marijuana.

Essentially an insurance company could cut costs because their clientele are no longer taking as many expensive prescriptions.Even a ten percent reduction would equal huge savings, but I suspect it could way more than that.
I couldn’t find a cost benefit analysis – but here’s some anecdotal information for investors to ponder.Med pot people report going from taking a staggering number of prescription pills a day to much fewer to no pills a day.We focused on this reduction in pills in R v. Mernagh because it’s remarkable how many pills people have reduced because of cannabis.
Prescription pills insurance company’s or government disability programs are paying for.Just ask a med pot person how many drugs they’ve gone from since using cannabis as medicine and you’ll be surprised how many pills they’ve cut out of their life.
A cost benefit assessment to determine how much insurance company’s have saved because people took up marijuana and cut prescriptions from their life is now crucial.Socially speaking, people are choosing prescription pills not because they want to, but because their insurance company is paying for the more expensive pill option.More people would ditch their pills all together if their insurance paid for their cannabis.
Having an insurance company pony up the money to pay for med pot is not pie in the sky dreaming or getting too medicated on a Monday thinking – it’s actually happening.Sun Life Canada is paying for medical marijuana costs for University of Waterloo student Jonathan Zaid after he successfully convinced his fellow students it was medicine and ought to be covered.’s-medpot-costs/ For the moment it’s a small personal victory, but Zaid is a smart young man who is planning to help three other students gain the same access.Most student insurance plans are administered by Sun Life Canada and overseen by a university committee that makes decisions on what drugs to cover. Typically these are same drugs on Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) list, but there are exceptions and inclusions.
Zaid is an exception, but when Sun Life Canada realize it’s saving money paying for his cannabis more students and people will most likely become covered to.
He hasn’t done a cost benefit analysis on himself yet, but we went over it quickly together and determined Sun Life Canada is saving a few dollars a day by covering his med cannabis.
You would think it shouldn’t take much convincing to cover cannabis if insurance companies can be shown their cost savings.
The lack of Drug Identification Number has been a big stumbling block, but Sun Life Canada has a dummy DIN for drugs without one.
Recognizing their bottom lines would be greatly improved if the costs of marijuana was covered by private insurance and government, Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association “urges provincial government to cover medical marihuana and private health organizations cover medical marihuana under their respective plans.”


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