The selling of marijuana during one of the biggest reform movements ever seen is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. As for the ups, the ability to obtain legal marijuana for citizens is spreading in a variety of states, along with the strengthening of market competition and technological innovations to meet consumers’ demands. In addition is the financial support for the proliferation of legalization given by entrepreneurs looking to profit off of new and promising opportunities.

As for the bad parts, selling cannabis is not like selling any other products. Basically, capitalism is not always the best because competition could be guided by greed and selfishness. In a column, Russ Bellville touched upon the selling of legal marijuana and how it leaves a negative impact on all of those who have fought to legalize marijuana in some form. For those wondering how… Well, what happens to those people when pot is legal throughout the country?

The best way to approach this question is to answer it with another one: who will represent those that use marijuana when it has finally been legalized. The community that has stood behind legalization this entire time, obviously. For most activists, it is the interests of those who actually smoke cannabis that they care about. Basically, these people are political and social advocates.

Political activism needs pragmatism, which needs cooperation from everyone. This is how legalization has gone throughout history and is likely how legalization will go through in the future. Politics is one side of the spectrum while consumer advocacy is the other. There are many organizations that are involved in the reform to end prohibition. And now, to top it all off, there is a new bunch of industry groups trying to protect and put forth by entrepreneurs. For instance, one major movement is allowing marijuana companies to put their money into banks.

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