A source announced that the defensive end of the Patriots, Chandler Jones, had an allergic reaction to synthetic cannabis on Wednesday. Because of that, he was sent to Norwood Hospital. Synthetic cannabis has many other names: K2, spice, crazy monkey, and Scooby snacks. It is a designer drug but does not contain real marijuana, but rather psychoactive chemicals, the Boston police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say.

Eighty percent of the time the drug is used, it is smoked, a 2015 CDC study reports. The drug is also able to be distributed as a liquid to be taken in through e-cigarettes the National Institute on Drug Abuse states. Synthetic marijuana is not legal in Massachusetts, but it did take a while for it to be illegal across the board.

In 2012, President Obama signed a bill that banned certain synthetic drugs. Now, all fifty states have put together similar bans. However, the bans are not for every drug, which means that making new drugs to bypass laws are pretty easy. State Senator Michael Moore, a Millbury Democrat, planned to stop this in 2014 when he introduced a measure that would change this.

“The federal government had it listed as a controlled substance, but it wasn’t listed in the state,” Moore stated. “We had to add it to the state’s controlled substance list, and we had to analog it.”
Putting those measures together would mean that the chemical ingredients in synthetic drugs could be altered just a bit, and the products will still be considered illegal, “as long as the purpose and basic components stay the same.”
“There may be stores out there still selling it,” Moore added. “Synthetic marijuana wasn’t being sold by drug dealers on street corners. You could go into convenience stores and gas stations.”

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