With all of the new laws going into place around the world of cannabis, it seems as though the products focused on individual wellness are seeing a large amount of success. One of the biggest shifts in the health market with cannabis is the entrance of cannabidiol or CBD and CBD based products.

Not only are these being used for medicinal purposes, but individuals are finding uses for them all across the board. CBD can be used for pain reduction with everything from intense exercise all the way to nausea relief.

CBD has quickly become one of the latest health trends as it is now being used as a wellness and lifestyle product. CBD has been known to that inflammation as well as the aforementioned pain relief, all without giving the user any ‘high’. The high that consumers find with cannabis is generally associated with the substance THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC has a large amount of medicinal and recreational uses as well, but CBD has become the substance of choice for various ailments.

One of the largest changes that we have seen in the past few months regarding CBD has been the entrance of the Farm Bill at least in the U.S. The Farm Bill has made it so that farmers can now legally plant and sell industrial hemp, which can then be used to produce CBD in a cheaper and more effective way.

CBD is being used in everything from face creams to makeup as well as pet products, and experts are stating that it can relieve headaches, aching joints, anxiety and various skin conditions. The substance is also said to have a positive effect on individuals who suffer from hemorrhoids or menstrual cramps.

CBD is also being known throughout the health market as a superfood, which means that many mainstream businesses could begin to carry the substance in the not too distant future. The large Canadian producer of marijuana, Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) recently signed into a $100 million deal with some of the biggest names in the industry under the Authentic Brands Group.

This deal could soon see the production of foot creams, and mints sold in many places throughout the nation. Other large billion dollar companies are also working to get into the CBD craze which means that the substance is becoming more popular than ever before. The Farm Bill put in place last year, will also allow hemp-derived CBD products to go across state lines which means that companies all around the U.S. could soon have their businesses explode around the nation.

Currently, there are still some regulatory issues in the way with the Food and Drug Administration, which has yet to release regulations regarding how edible CBD products could be sold. All in all, however, the news coming out of the industry seems to be entirely positive. For now and the foreseeable future, it seems as though CBD is a substance that is here to stay for the long haul.

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