The Cannabis Market is Just Getting Started


The past several years have seen a boom in the cannabis industry with positive legislation happening around the country. Many have stated that the market and how it currently stands, has many similarities to the Gold Rush of 1849 back in California.

One of the proponents of this thought process is the CEO of Helix TCS Inc. Zachary Venegas. Helix is a security and transport company that also works as an intelligence firm for venture capitalists. The company also recently acquired the company known as Cannabase which works to produce seeds on the wholesale level. Cannabase also accounts for around 72% of the sale of seeds in the licensed Colorado cannabis market.

Throughout the year of 2017, investments in the cannabis industry shot up to as high as $718 million, helping to create and infuse new technology throughout the market. With more money coming in every day, some predictions have stated that the legal cannabis industry could potentially be worth as much as $50 billion by the year 2022.

Venegas stated recently that “California’s medical cannabis market is already as big as the total markets in Colorado, Washington and Oregon combined, by most market participant’s estimates. Given the boost from that state and others that could change their laws, the legal cannabis market could reach sales of over $20 billion in the next few years.” The market in California is extremely beneficial to the countries perception of cannabis as such a large state as California can have a very large effect on the attitude of the rest of the country. Venegas has also stated that he thinks investing in the cannabis market may be slightly topsy-turvy at first but in the long term, it could potentially be quite large. He stated that “No profit-minded professional would prudently ignore such a market, but one must be mindful that this unique sector is rife with complex legal and regulatory risks.” This notion is widely shared throughout the market as many individuals know the awkward legislative spot that cannabis is currently in.

There are undoubtedly risks with investing in the cannabis market, but thus far it has been quite a gold mine for those who have gotten in. The only issue that remains is that of legislation for the industry. The regulation on a national level has been quite difficult for some time now, but the states such as California and Washington, are helping to change that.

The main concern in the market is that from a federal standpoint, marijuana is still labeled as a Schedule I narcotic. This means that there is a very tough spot between what is legal and what is not. As this line is further defined by state governments trying to change it, the hopes are that the market will be able to calm down in the near future allowing for even greater growth. Venegas further stated that “For 2018, private and public funds are investing tens of millions of dollars in anticipation of several industry catalysts that will be seen. New Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) are coming online that are heavily investing in companies in the cannabis industry.” These ETFs are becoming the future of the market as more and more capital coming into the industry will further help to grow the companies involved. Venegas continued to state that “if we live with alcohol and tobacco as socially acceptable, cannabis is a no-brainer…More than half of the population of the U.S. lives in states where voters have legalized medical cannabis, and over 60 million live where recreational cannabis is either already legal or soon will be.” As the market improves throughout the near future, only time will tell how well legislative measures can further the industry.

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  1. I just caught the tail end of a news story of some Senior politician is going to become the CEO of some marijuana company. Can anyone tell me who this politician is and the name of the company or give me the stock symbol for further research


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