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OXIS International Inc. (OXIS: OTCPK) is a biotech company that develops and commercializes innovative drugs of therapeutic molecules including cannabinoids. The company is focused on creating medicines that are derived from the cannabis plant, which will improve daily life for people all over the world. OXIS can be a winner due to the following reasons: 1) OXIS signed an agreement which allows them to license certain assets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma and simultaneously initiated a consulting agreement with University of Pittsburgh’s Professor, Dr. Xiang-Qun Xie, 2) OXIS is led by a management team that has a proven track record and years of experience, 3) They have a first mover advantage in a high growth industry, but 4) They are the epitome of a risk vs reward company.

Licensed assets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma and entered agreement with Dr. Xie

On January 12, 2015, Oxis International’s subsidiary, Oxis Biotech, Inc., executed definitive agreements that gave the company licensing rights to certain assets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. The license provides the company with an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize therapies for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. OXIS simultaneously initiated a consulting agreement with University of Pittsburgh’s Professor, Dr. Xiang-Qun Xie, who joins the company as a consultant and as a member of the Science Advisory Board to further develop the assets licensed to Oxis Biotech, Inc.

OXIS CEO Tony Cataldo stated, “Oxis is honored to have Dr. Xie and his patented technology as an integral part of our strategy to develop high valued patented assets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. I wanted to leverage Dr. Xie’s significant experience and technologies, much the same way I did when I acquired highly valued patents from the NCI (NIH) for stage 4 Melanoma from the National Cancer Institute to form Lion Biotechnologies, Inc. (LBIO)”.

Led by a strong management team

Many cannabis companies are led by sub-par management teams and are comprised of individuals that have a proven track record….of criminal activity. That is the furthest thing from the truth when you look at the management team at OXIS International. OXIS is led by a management team that has proven track record of success. One of the best things that their management team did was put together a strong team on their Board of Directors.

OXIS’s CEO, Anthony Cataldo served was the Chairman/CEO of Genesis Biopharma, inc., now known as Lion Biotechnologies, Inc., (LBIO) from February 2011 to June 2013. Mr. Cataldo has extensive experience in the biotechnology sector having served as Chairman/CEO of several biotech companies including: MultiCell Technologies, Inc., Calypte Biomedical Corporation, and Senetek, PLC.

The company’s CFO, Steven Weldon, previously was the CFO of GrowBLOX (GBLX: OTCQB), a well-known cannabis company. Mr. Weldon is a certified public accountant and he received his Bachelor of Science degree and his Masters in Business Administration from Florida Southern College

Involved in a high growth industry

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the marijuana boom is going to be the pharmaceutical sector. Some of the pharmaceutical companies are starting to look into the benefits associated with the cannabis plant, but they haven’t cracked the surface. OXIS is looking into developing treatments for illnesses that have not been researched by the major marijuana pharmaceutical companies, such as GW Pharmaceutical (GWPH: NASDAQ) or I NSYS Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY: NASDAQ). This gives them a first mover advantage.

For this reason OXIS has the rare opportunity to be one of the biggest winners in the marijuana sector. The team that they have put in place and the technology they have should enable them to successfully create a variety of treatments, starting with Multiple Myeloma.

Nothing is a sure thing

While the reward for OXIS can be huge, so is the risk. Many pharmaceutical companies have to jump over major hurdles in order to be successful. The same goes for OXIS. The process of developing a drug treatment is extremely expensive and very often the company needs to raise capital in order to proceed with clinical testing. When companies need to raise capital, their stock is usually diluted. This is one of the risks that OXIS faces. While the company did raise money during mid-2014, it most likely will not be enough.

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