Since marijuana is beginning to be legalized like alcohol is, there are new regulations that need to be observed. For instance, driving while high. Legal blood limits for cannabis are a bad indicator to see whether or not someone was smoking while high, and can lead to drivers that should be in jail free while drivers that should be free end up in jail, a study indicates.

The study published Tuesday by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety discovered that a driver is capable of having a low amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in their blood and be dangerous while others with higher levels might not be dangerous.

The issue is that people are assuming that marijuana is like alcohol, but it does not metabolize in the same way. Alcohol only stays in the blood as it affects you, so if you are caught with alcohol in your blood, you are surely dangerous to drive. However, THC is a different story. It can stay in your blood for days. Therefore, if you are driving with THC in your blood, that does not necessarily mean that you are too high to drive, or high at all for that matter. Twelve states forbid any amount of THC in your blood while driving.

People have been trying to find a way to accurately measure impairment from marijuana. Lawmakers are becoming more concerned about this, especially since legalization is spreading. At the moment, four states have legalized marijuana for anyone 21 or older, while twenty-four states have legalized medical marijuana, according to the Marijuana Policy Project. Washington D.C. has also legalized recreational marijuana.

“It’s an attempt to try to do an apples-to-apples comparison with blood alcohol concentration,” Chris Lindsey, senior legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, said. “They found out that these things can’t really be compared.”

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  1. Lets have POT legal, its NOT taking away any pleasure we have. Smoking non POT should be removed from Sale Force. We are killing our youth and our government is allowing it.
    I believe the main reason we don’t have 50 states legal is that our government want to TAX it.
    300,000 American die each year from non POT smoking. Who gains from this great lose. Our government, they get TAXs from non POT items, and Social Security gets more money because we died young. Did not reach a nice retire age. Gregory Morrison

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