Unless you have been living under a rock…

for the last few days and not following Cannabis related news here is the headline: “Privateer Holdings in conjunction with the Bob Marley estate has announced their plans to launch a Bob Marley-inspired cannabis brand, aptly named Marley Natural.” It was only a matter of time before a company such as Privateer secured the rights to bring Bob Marley’s brand of good times, great music and Ganja to the masses; and yes it’s a wise move in our opinion.

It’s wise from a branding perspective as most people associate the late great Bob Marley with good music and a lifestyle brand of peace, harmony and weed. I myself had a huge poster of Bob Marley smoking a joint in my college house right next to my 6 foot bong known as the “Green Mile” (but that’s another story). Why this is a great move is simple; brand recognition. People have been capitalizing off of Bob Marley name and his Jamaican roots when it comes to marijuana for a while. Go into any dispensary and i’m sure you can find some type of “Jamaican” strain to procure and use while listening to any Marley song. The reality is, if you have ever been to Jamaica the weed there sucks for the most part. It’s bush weed, grown outdoors, it’s dirt cheap, all seeds, all stems and is best thrown into a bonfire on your last day on the island; but hopefully all that will change. This venture means that they will develop their own proprietary strains to make the Jamaican weed myth a reality. These strains are a money maker I kid you not. Think of them as technology patents that make computers faster, hold more info etc, except these will get you higher, ease patients pain faster and make people sing songs louder. Marley Natural has the name, now all they need are the strains mon, lord-a-mercy.

As prohibition comes to an end in the next few years at home & abroad (and it will) these types of Brands will emerge. I’m sure we will see a Willie Nelson Brand at some point for the country music crowd or Snoops brand for the Rap crowd, but for everyone else there will be Marley Natural. If Privateer executes their vision then Marley Natural could be for Cannabis what “Lucky Strike” was for cigarettes back in the day, except Marley Naturals won’t kill you, make you smell like an ashtray or turn your teeth yellow. Side effects will likely be permagrin, use of a Jamaican accent, craving of food and need to listen to Bob Marleys music in a calm & relaxed state. If only I could have bought the Coca-Cola brand back in the day for $50,000,000 knowing how big it will be…. I’m applauding you right now Privateer Holdings, way to see the future and capitalize off cannabis.


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  1. It is genius branding, that is for sure. I feel like it’s selling out for the family a bit, not sure branding is part of the whole Rastafarian ethos, but Marley was very vocal about decriminalization, so if this helps brings attention to that movement, then rock on.

  2. Wow brilliant idea by privateer holdings. The Marley name will always be associated with cannabis through the eyes of society. Good Article!

    1. That is a good point that cannabis strain or not, the Marley name will indeed always be associated with cannabis, so why not use that to make some money and hopefully spread the word about legalization at the same time.

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