Now cannabis consumers are starting to discover they don’t have to hold in their hits for so long. Before we discuss inhalation technique, let’s look at what exactly is happening when we smoke cannabis.
When smoke is inhaled, cannabinoids like THC pass through the mouth and toward the trachea before entering the lungs. Surprise: Most of us have been inhaling cannabis the wrong way By Gooey-Rabinski Gooey Rabinski on March 15, 2016, a man smoking a joint at home What kind of inhalation technique do you use? Good cannabis is expensive.

A girl smoking a joint asks, how long do you hold in your cannabis tokes? THC absorption doesn’t begin to occur until cannabis smoke passes the first bronchial split from the trachea and has actually entered the lungs. Your Lungs Are like a Tennis Court According to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, a Seattle-based scientist, physician, and cannabinoid integrative medicine specialist, human lungs feature a complex topology. Wasting Medicine Most of us have wasted a considerable amount of cannabis over the years by executing the inhalation process incorrectly. I hesitate to think of the amount of cannabis that I have wasted over the years with my sloppy, ignorant toking style. Aside from the effects of oxygen deprivation, we must recognize that this smoke – like any smoke – is filled with toxins and a few carcinogens.

Do we really want to hold it in our lungs? When vaping cannabis, one doesn’t have to worry about all those nefarious molecules found in smoke.What must be ensured is that a column of smoke-free air, akin to an invisible plunger, pushes all of the good medicine far enough within the lungs for full absorption – below the trachea. Personally, I slowly and smoothly inhale, pulling in smoke or vapor for the first two-thirds of the toke. A nice, deep breath also helps ensure that the remote recesses of the lungs are exposed to smoke or vapor, which actually improves lung function. As more research is conducted and humans gain additional insight into the complexities and nuances of the cannabis plant, we’ll obviously gain further knowledge into the best methods for consuming and absorbing cannabinoids and terpenes for medical efficacy and cognitive stimulation.

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  1. The only problem with ‘vaping’ is that there remains a significant amount of herb remaining, that has properties which would be wasted, should one merely heat it enough to release the cannabinoids, THC, etc. Herb which can only be utilized to the fullest, by ‘smoking’ it.
    While I own a vaporizer, I found that I would have to discard a significant amount of herb, by using it in the manner prescribed.

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