In 1998, the FDA approved the use of Viagra for male sexual dysfunction.  Since then the race has been on to create a similar medication for women.  Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have had a very difficult time creating an equally effective drug for females.

Maybe they are just looking in the wrong place.

Scientists have learned that for women it is not about simply stimulating blood flow. The way into a women’s pants is through her brain; her emotions, her self-image, her level of comfort all play starring roles in her ability to achieve optimum arousal.

Is it possible to make a “miracle drug”, for women considering the complexity of their sexual function? Many women say yes and it has already been in use for thousands of years.

Cannabis has been used by women for over 3,000 years as a natural libido enhancer.  In fact, several cultures continue the practice of giving women some form of cannabis on their wedding day. According to research, women’s bodies are quite efficient at turning THC into a sexual stimulant.  Scientist believe that the body’s estrogen receptors allow for THC uptake. Being as women have more estrogen receptors than men they are able to enjoy some sexual pleasures from cannabis that men miss.

Of course everyone’s body is different and what works wonders for one person may do nothing for another. Different strains of cannabis seem to produce different results. There are even strains of cannabis developed specifically for heightened sexual pleasure.

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