The citizens of Rhode Island may come together and join a numerous amount of cannabis states who have already decided that they will be voting on cannabis legalization in November. Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) said to reporters on Tuesday that she would think about standing behind a referendum on the subject.

“I am open to that. It is a big decision,” she stated, the Providence Journal reports. “I could see the logic in saying it’s the kind of thing that people ought to have a say in … It doesn’t say I’m committed to it, but I’m open to it.”

WPRI indicates that Raimondo met during February with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper about how the state was going post-legalization. The stages of the two governors have now been in contact with the good and bad parts of cannabis legalization.

Lawmakers in Rhode Island at the moment are thinking about legislation to legalize, and tax cannabis and, as those bills have a great list of sponsors, including the Senate majority leader, nobody knows for sure whether or not they will be brought to a vote by the end of the session, which will likely be in the summer. Another measure was proposed last session with the same goal. However, the legislation was not able to receive a vote in neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate.

A cannabis legalization bill has been approved by Nevada’s ballot in November, and proponents are likely going to put forth similar measures in Arizona, California as well as Massachusetts. The Maine secretary of state decided not too long ago that legalization proponents in the state did not have enough valid signatures to be on the ballot, but it is currently being fought in court. Unlike other states that are looking to legalize this November, Rhode Island does not have a voter initiative process where people can simply collect signatures. Instead, there is a referendum system that gives citizens the chance to state their opinion.

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